The situation with the spread of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie is under control of the President

The meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus was chaired by the Head of the presidential executive office Sergey Belous on the instructions of the President, who is on a working trip. Following the meeting, he reported to the President on the state of affairs by telephone.

The workload of the network of infectious hospitals temporarily deployed on the basis of various medical institutions is currently 92%. The incidence rate is slightly reduced compared to the previous week. There is no urgent need to open additional branches of infectious diseases hospitals at the moment according to the Minister of Health. Additional beds as necessary will be deployed in the Mother and Child Center in Bendery. Most of the cases are in Tiraspol: 1007 are being treated in two hospitals of the capital out of 2279 patients in infectious diseases hospitals. There are two patients with confirmed diagnosis in the hospital of Kamenka. They are isolated. It was decided not to use the institution for coronavirus needs yet, but it is ready for re-profiling. It was noted that the number of tested citizens has increased in connection with the growing demand of the population. The average daily indicator in March is twice as high as in February - 1081 units (it was higher only at the utmost moment - in December of the last year, when an average of 1127 samples were examined per day). The percentage of detectability also increased compared to the beginning of the year: by the end of March, the diagnosis was confirmed in 28% of the tested individuals (in February - 18%, in January - 25%). The mortality rate among COVID patients has slightly increased: if in December 1.7% of patients with coronavirus died from concomitant diseases, then 2.3% in March.

The President asked about provision of medical institutions of the republic with oxygen. Sergei Belous said that, according to the Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova, 3015 cylinders were delivered to the Republican Clinical Hospital within a week, and 1920 to the Slobodzeya Hospital. The restored station in Slobodzeya is still operating in test mode. Samples of the liquid oxygen generated here were sent for laboratory research at the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant. Conclusion - the obtained oxygen is suitable for medical use. A full launch of the station is scheduled for the current week. Delivery of oxygen concentrators to the republic is expected from day to day The computed tomographs installed in the Dubossary hospital and the capital's hospital of veterans will start working  in the coming days. There are some difficulties with the supply of the anti-coronavirus medicine Remdesivir, but the PMR Ministry of Health expects to receive a part of the ordered batch tomorrow. The rest of the drugs are in abundance. There are enough tests: 3564 are available for the determination of antibodies, 31383 antigen tests and a two-month supply of PCR tests.

The President was informed about the progress of the vaccination campaign. The first dose of AstraZeneca was received by 240 doctors who expressed desire to be vaccinated with this medicine. The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service collects data on those wishing to be vaccinated by Pfizer. A batch of this vaccine was will be delivered tomorrow in an amount corresponding to the number of applications. This mechanism is due to the special conditions necessary for storing the medicine, and the limited period of its use after being removed from a special freezer. The delivery of the first batch of Sputnik V to Pridnestrovie is expected this month. The agreement on this score was reached by Vadim Krasnoselsky during his current visit to the Russian capital.