COVID statistics

15659 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the republic since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the information announced in the course of the regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters. 2322 patients are being treated in quarantine hospitals, 40 of them are in serious condition, two are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. Specialized hospitals are loaded by 79%. 130 patients with suspected infection are awaiting test results in hospitals. 962 Pridnestrovians are being treated at home. 28 people were transferred from home to hospital treatment due to deterioration of their condition. 2616 people are in controlled self-isolation, including 909 contacts with infected citizens. 3070 samples of biomaterials have been sent for laboratory research since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters, in 1178 cases of these the fact of infection with COVID-19 was confirmed. 18 people died during this time, 658 defeated the disease.

The hospital, deployed on the basis of the Tiraspol neuropsychiatric boarding house, has been closed. Earlier, 113 patients were identified here among the wards (4 died, 109 recovered) and 14 from the number of employees (all were successfully treated).

The function of infectious diseases hospital, deployed in the capital's child care center continued. Three asymptomatic inmates are undergoing treatment there. 11 employees of the institution were infected.

Totally, 90917 tests were carried out during the pandemic. 304 deaths were recorded (2% of the number of cases). 10313 people (66%) recovered. The average daily incidence rate in the republic this week was 392 cases, a week earlier - 252. More than two hundred people are involved in the volunteer movement.