Regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Current information was announced in the course of the meeting of the presidential Operational Headquarters on preventing the spread of coronavirus. Today, 1035 cases of infection are registered among Pridnestrovians. The number of recovered citizens is 694 people. In the four days that passed between Operational Headquarters meetings, 101 people managed the disease, 25 new facts of infection were revealed, the number of deaths remained the same - 39. The indicators show a decrease in the dynamics of the incidence. The number of registered cases of infection is 8-10 per day. The effectiveness of the treatment is confirmed by the fact that with a mortality rate of 3.8%, 67% of COVID-19 carriers recovered.

The work of the Crisis Center remains relevant: over 4200 calls were received in 4 days. Totally, about 79 thousand calls from Pridnestrovians were received during the operation of the “hot line”, said the Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova. He also informed about the strengthening of control measures by the internal affairs officers, which is connected with the entry into force of a large number of exemptions. Approximately seven thousand objects were inspected during 4 days and 81 violations were revealed. Inspections showed that the administration of not all markets and leisure facilities operating on open areas for children showed consciousness and understanding of the importance of security measures. The Heads of state administrations were reminded that they are the leaders of operations on the ground and bear personal responsibility for the situation. It was recommended that the State Sports Service employees be involved in activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus in centralized playgrounds, play areas and attractions. They spoke today about the prospects of opening gyms. So far, only the possibility of resuming the training process by professional athletes who are preparing for the competition is being considered.

Today, minibuses start to run. According to the results of the first day of work, regulatory authorities will analyze the degree of readiness and discipline of drivers and passengers. The mitigation of restrictive measures - in the case of irresponsibility dangerous for the population - can be reset at any time, it was noted in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. All managers, executives and ordinary citizens must be aware of this, the President emphasized. He recalled that in case of failure to comply with the requirements for the safe functioning of institutions and commercial facilities, their activities will again be suspended. Members of the headquarters consider such measures to be preventive and disciplining. Taking into account all quarantine standards, clothing markets can start working tomorrow - this is the next step in quitting universal quarantine.

The President paid special attention to the organization of safe recreation for citizens near water bodies. A regulation is in the course of preparation and a clear list of requirements - both traditional for the swimming season and quarantine. June 18 starts the summer season in health camps. This year only pupils of closed social institutions will have rest there - only 457 people. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the reasons for the downtime of the botanical garden, noting that this and similar objects in the existing circumstances are the safest and most in demand. It was instructed to immediately open the arboretum park for visitors.

They focused on the preparation of events dedicated to the end of the school year and certificates and diploma delivery ceremony. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the process should not remain uncontrolled. The President emphasized considers it appropriate in the largest settlements to devote several days to alternately organized graduation parties by individual educational institutions. Nearby open summer terraces will work longer these days than under standard quarantine circumstances. It was proposed to hold a competition for the best organization of the graduation party in quarantine. The nationwide action plan should be completed by June 10.

Vadim Krasnoselsky will hold on Wednesday a meeting on the organization in Pridnestrovie of an all-Russian vote on constitutional amendments. Today, the PMR President announced a decision handed down by the Russian embassy: two polling stations will operate in the republic. It is proposed to place them in Tiraspol - at the military camp OGRV and in front of the House of Officers of the Russian Army (both outdoors).

Today they discussed the current issues of the functioning of medical facilities. They spoke, for example, about feasibility of combining some coronavirus hospitals in the face of a decline in the incidence of morbidity. It is recommended that patients from Kamenka, Dubossary and Grigoriopol will be accepted at the Rybnitsa COVID center,  in addition to local residents. Coronavirus hospitals will continue to work independently in full force in Tiraspol, Bendery and Slobodzeya.

Another topic is the need to resume the activities of commissions for the establishment and documentary evidence of disability. The President considers this possible subject to strict compliance with security measures, including mandatory rapid testing of citizens of this category for COVID-19. The practice of conducting planned operations is resuming, so far only for children. Another assignment of the President is to organize delivery of patients to medical facilities, where they undergo a vital hemodialysis procedure.

The President in the course of the meeting asked about the progress in preparing the legal framework for the length of service for employees directly involved in anti-virus activities, based on three-day calculation. The presidential initiative will be introduced in the regime of legislative necessity, which will speed up the process of consideration and adoption as much as possible. Concluding the meeting of the Operational Headquarters, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to everyone who is involved in the prevention, treatment and prevention of the spread of COVID-19, informing the interlocutors of the letters sent to him in which Pridnestrovians who coped with the coronavirus thank the doctors for their attention and professionalism.