The President with his family visited the Orthodox Easter Chime Festival

Easter Chime is the first of its kind festival held in Pridnestrovie. The idea to gather Orthodox Christians on the second day of Easter in the open air and all those who respectfully belong to the church and folk traditions belong to Vadim Krasnoselsky. Supported by the Archbishop of Tiraspol and Dubossary Sawa presidential initiative was brought to life at the site of the Park of Alexander Nevsky. Thousands of Pridnestrovians gathered in Bendery to say together the traditional “Christ is risen!”. The President arrived to the holiday with his family. The guests of the celebration were the Russian ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov and his wife.

“The current Easter festival is the first, but certainly not the last. It will become a tradition. Today we are opening a series of events that will take place in this park until November. 25 festivals of various themes are planned for the year - musical, religious, patriotic, children's. The people with their activity, their attention confirm the importance and necessity of such events and the presence of this park. Such park areas in the near future will appear in all cities and districts of the republic, so that our citizens, who are able not only to work well, but also to rest, have such an opportunity. The park of Alexander Nevsky will also be further developed and improved. It is planned to open a powder cellar, where citizens will be able to join the history ”, said Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The President noted that smiles on the faces of people and an endless flow of visitors are the best assessment of the work of the organizers of the holiday. The President, congratulating Pridnestrovians and all Christians on the holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, wished everyone health, well-being and peace.

The festival program is scheduled until the evening. It includes concerts of the PridnestrovianState Choir and the PMR State Symphony Orchestra, performances of creative groups and masters of bell art. The organizers prepared various exhibitions, workshops, games, Easter fun.