The family of Krasnoselsky, like many of the Tiraspol families and families who arrived from other cities to celebrate the anniversary of the republic, spent this evening in the Catherine Park

Residents of Tiraspol and guests of the capital got acquainted with the various locations of the new leisure center, waiting for the festive fireworks in a cozy park atmosphere. Sunset time was chosen for the event, which became a creative gift to the Pridnestrovians from the musicians of the orchestra, which is led by the legendary conductor Grigory Moseiko, and his young students-flutists.

A classical music concert took place on the observation deck of the Diocesan Lake. This is the initiative of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky. He also came up with the idea to include in the main part of the concert program performed by professional musicians numbers of young talents - representatives of the ensemble "Magic Flutes". The guys are laureates of many international competitions for young performers. The State Symphony Orchestra, which picked up the musical wave, filled the park with the sounds of world famous works by Tchaikovsky, Lyadov, Sviridov, Khachaturian.

The festive fireworks prepared by the PMR Ministry of Defense deserve special attention. 30 volleys - according to the number of years of the republic. The sound accompaniment, which significantly enhanced the impression of the festive flashes, was provided by the 85mm D-44 cannons. This is the first such large-scale Pridnestrovian fireworks. The fireworks of 2010 were considered the most impressive so far. Then four artillery pieces were involved. This year it is twice as much.

The President, who arrived in the center of the capital with his family, also watched the colorful fireworks that unfolded over the city and the river. The jubilee fireworks became a bright and sonorous finale of the official celebrations dedicated to the Republic Day. Many other events of the coming days, including the opening of new socially significant objects, are timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Pridnestrovie.