The Dniester sanatorium - an example of a successful socio-economic project

One of the business cards of Kamenka is the Dniester sanatorium. Taking into consideration the importance of this institution, both from medical and tourist point of view, the President pays special attention to it. The republic's leadership made every effort to restart the facility, the attendance of which until recently has seriously decreased. After taking a number of measures, the rate of the health resort has increased markedly. In 2017, 5897 people visited it, a year later - 8473. The current year indicator (as of October 1) exceeds last year by 500 patients. To date, 430 people are in the sanatorium (with a maximum load of 450). The growing interest in the institution, as well as the requests of visitors who expect to receive a variety of modern, high-quality health and preventive procedures, prompted the administration of the institution to expand its area and, as a result, the list of medical services provided. In April of this year, the construction of a new building began. The source of financing is earned funds and money saved by reducing the state tax rate on income (over 9 months - more than 600 thousand rubles). With the commissioning of a three-story building, it will be possible to increase the number of therapeutic baths to more than two dozen (so far there are only 8). Among the planned innovations are four-chamber baths for arms and legs, as well as for underwater massage. There will also be rooms for aromatherapy. In addition, it will be possible to vacate the sleeping quarters, which are currently occupied by treatment rooms. They plan to commission the first floor in September next year, then gradually fill up the remaining areas with equipment and machinery, the President was told today. While at the construction site, which was developed on the territory of the Dniester sanatorium, the President asked about the dynamics of the work, contractors, materials and technologies used, gave a number of recommendations and instructions.

Speaking about the feasibility of expanding the area of ​​the sanatorium, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized the increased interest in the medical and preventive services provided here, both among Pridnestrovians and foreign guests. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, the Kamenka health resort is an example of how conditions are created on a single platform to improve the level of healthcare in the republic and an attractive tourist zone is formed.