Happy New Home!

The implementation of the affordable housing program for public sector employees continues. Today another facility was commissioned. Long-term construction of Tiraspol in Komsomolskaya Street, originally built as a complex of polyclinic buildings, stood waiting for funding for many years. It was decided to redevelop with the launch of the presidential program. The project was changed, having built a three-section housing estate on the basis of abandoned unfinished buildings. The construction was carried out on the basis of partnership between the state and members of the First Oktyabrsky housing and communal complex established in September 2018. Interest holders were granted the right to loans. This opportunity was used by 180 people.

237 apartments of free planning ranging from 43 to 130 square meters are located in the house number 28 in Komsomolskaya Street. On the ground floor there are premises for leasing to trade and service organizations. The parking lot for 250 places, a playground, a recreation area are being improved.

Today, the official ceremony of putting the facility into operation took place. The PMR President took part in the event. Welcoming the new settlers and those who took part in the implementation of the socially significant project, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude for the support of the idea and the activities aimed at its implementation. The President highlighted the contribution of the Head of the state administration of Tiraspol Oleg Dovgopol, who personally oversaw the progress of the work. Addressing future residents of the house, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that they will celebrate this New Year as homeowners, but not yet within the walls of their apartments: it will take time to make cosmetic repairs in the premises and equip. The President wished that in the coming year, children's laughter would sound in every apartment of this house and families would meet the offensive of 2021 already in the living rooms.

Considering that the opening of the house took place on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the event was organized with the participation of fabulous heroes - Santa Claus and The Snow Maiden, who congratulated the Pridnestrovians not only on the upcoming New Year, but also on the new home.