The solutions of Operational Headquarters

The President decided to transfer pupils of grades 5-11 of schools, as well as students of secondary vocational and higher educational institutions, to distance learning by December 1 of this year, based on the results of the working discussion in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Elementary schoolchildren at the end of the holidays will begin studies in a standard mode - at the site of educational institutions. Moreover, the number of lessons should not exceed four per day. Subjects that are taught by teachers of not major subjects, for example, foreign languages, are not yet recommended. This is due to the need to minimize the circle of contacts of schoolchildren. In the event that parents of primary school students declare their desire to leave their children at home, the school administration will have to provide training remotely. The preschool educational institutions for the most part have limited opportunities to conduct classes until December 1. An exception is the sport groups that can organize the training process in the open air. These measures are associated with an increase in morbidity among minors. 266 children are undergoing treatment today (every eighth sick person is a pupil or student). The indicator is high among the staff of educational institutions - 199 active cases. In kindergartens, the number of infected is small (1% of all cases). In this regard, institutions of the preschool education system will continue to accept pupils.