Decisions of the Operational Headquarters

Management of the coronavirus hospital at neuropsychiatric boarding house in Bendery is entrusted to Yuri Zavtur, an infectious disease specialist at the outpatient care center in Bendery. This decision was made during today's meeting of the Presidential Operational Headquarters. The first organizational activities were led by Deputy Minister of Health Korina Stupak. The three-level COVID center is provided by personnel from the reserves of other medical institutions and volunteers. Infected employees will be referred for treatment, and boarding staff tested and awaiting research results will be in one of the buildings of the institution. Negative take COVID personnel will be quarantined for two weeks. The Operational Headquarters was instructed to think over the place of isolation of these citizens. Testing of wards of the psychoneurological boarding house continues. At the moment, 109 facts of infection have been identified. Taking it into consideration, Bendery is superior in alarming statistics to Tiraspol, which previously led in the number of carriers of the virus who are on hospital treatment. In Bendery 171 people are currently fighting with coronavirus, in the capital - 110. In general, 320 cases are still in first place in Tiraspol in the number of registered cases of COVID-19 infection. In Bendery - 190, in Slobodzeya - 119, in Dubossary - 80, in Grigoriopol and Rybnitsa - 22 cases each, in Kamenka and Dnestrovsk - each for one. Coronavirus was diagnosed in 756 citizens in the whole country, during the pandemic. To date, 410 people undergo treatment in the Pridnestrovian infectious diseases hospitals, 111 are waiting for the results of the biomaterial research, 29 have died, 317 have recovered. The mortality rate is 3.8%. 1951 people are on controlled self-isolation. Citizens of the PMR continue to return to the republic from abroad. Over the past three days, 114 Pridnestrovians have arrived. After testing at the border, 12 of them were hospitalized with suspicion of COVID-19, it was noted during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters.

The President listened to the reports of the heads of the Operational Headquarters, the Ministry of Health, the Epidemiological Service, as well as the chief doctors of the republic’s medical institutions involved in the fight against coronavirus. The first working conversation took place with the Head of the new hospital in Bendery. Vadim Krasnoselsky called on officials and colleagues to support Yuri Zavtur, providing all possible consulting and practical assistance. Many organizational issues were resolved directly at the meeting. Complicating the situation is the specificity of the medical facility, which has become the focus of the spread of coronavirus. Patients are mentally ill people, many are diagnosed with physical ailments, which are aggravating factors in coronavirus. Taking into account the mass of the disease and the likelihood of continued growth in the number of infected among the wards of the Bendery boarding house, the President instructed to prepare for the transfer of some patients to the Slobodzeya hospital. There are now 69 people there. The facilities and the availability of the psychiatric ward, provided with trained personnel, allow us to accept some of the patients in the boarding house. We are talking about the most difficult cases from the point of view of the course of coronavirus disease, as well as the competent wards of the boarding house, which are most adapted to stay in standard conditions of the medical institution. COVID-19 patients will be sent to Slobodzeya if their number exceeds 130 people.

The Epidemiological Service periodically lists recommendations and requirements. An action plan is being prepared. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station and administration in Bendery are ordered to inspect the new hospital in Bendery twice a day.