Decisions of the Operational Headquarters under the President

Information on the results of the weekend were announced in the course of the Operational Headquarters for Prevention of the Spread of coronavirus. As of Sunday evening, 531 cases of COVID-19 were detected among Pridnestrovians. In the coronavirus hospitals of the republic, there were 402 patients with a confirmed diagnosis (31 of which were children). One citizen of the PMR is still undergoing treatment in Chisinau. 102 people are in hospitals in Pridnestrovie awaiting the results of a biomaterial research. 23 infected citizens died. 105 people recovered. Tiraspol is leading in the number of cases, as before. 181 patients are the Republican Clinical Hospital with COVID-19, 15 are treated in a hospital for people with special needs. At the same time, 97 people with diagnosed coronavirus remained in the Slobodzeya hospital. Taking into consideration the active occupancy of the capital’s hospital, opened on the basis of the surgical department of the Republican Clinical Hospital, in the case of occupying all beds of newly arriving Tiraspol residents with confirmed infection, they will be redirected to the Slobodzeya COVID center. This will make it possible to evenly distribute the load on the medical staff, which means to improve the quality of medical care, it was noted during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. A similar decision was made in the hospitals of Dubossary and Rybnitsa. At the moment, the ratio of COVID patients there is 49 and 15. The new laboratory, opened in Rybnitsa, will help to increase detection among the residents of the north of the republic. It is already tested and ready for full use. The same equipment will be installed to help the main research center in the capital. Mini-laboratory was sent to Bendery. The President set the task to analyze the effectiveness of these express laboratories, to assess the level of reliability of research results. If the percentage of real detectability is high, the feasibility of acquiring additional units of such equipment to equip a larger number of medical facilities will be discussed.

They talked in the course of the meeting about continuation of the practice of mass testing of certain categories of citizens, which allows timely reduce focal point of infection. It was, for example, about places of imprisonment. When identifying a potential carrier of infection among prisoners, it would be effective to check the presence of COVID-19. This is a detachment of approximately a hundred convicted citizens, as well as employees of the penitentiary institution. A significant number of tests are required to implement this plan. The President instructed the Justice Ministry to allocate 1500 units for these purposes. In addition, the President demanded to “change over” the staff of the penitentiary institution in protective clothing and provide personal protective equipment. Vadim Krasnoselsky informed about new imported personal protective equipment on the way. Delivery of 437000 pairs of gloves, 50000 respirators, 2200 protective suits and 3800 pairs of glasses is expected. This is government procurement. Local business provides assistance in the form of delivery of products from abroad.

During the discussion about equipment, the presence of which would contribute to the successful fight against coronavirus, the chief physicians spoke about portable bronchoscopes. The President instructed to analyze the republican need, as well as to report on staff readiness for the widespread use of this type of medical equipment.

Representatives of the World Health Organization will give an assessment of anticoronavirus activity in Pridnestrovie. According to the President a delegation of the World Health Organization will arrive in the republic on May 6.

Another topic that was paid special attention to during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters was the incidence among medical staff. Despite all the efforts on the part of the state, 99 employees of the PMR healthcare system became infected with coronavirus (20 doctors, 31 nurses, 38 nursing assistants, 1 x-ray laboratory assistant, 1 medical student, 1 medical registrar, 2 hemodialysis technician, 1 household unit specialist, 2 paramedics and 2 employee of the administration of medical institutions). They talked about improper execution in a number of settlements of the ministerial order on the limited functioning of outpatient services and the reprofiling of the work of their personnel for visiting. The Head of the Operations Staff Ruslan Mova informed the President about the facts of the mass presence of doctors in medical facilities. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed the leadership of the relevant ministry to understand the situation and bring those responsible to disciplinary action.

The President set a task for the Government and Heads of state administrations of towns and districts of the republic to work out a mechanism that will allow local producers to legally privately trade agricultural products of their own production (in compliance with all quarantine requirements).

Presidential instructions are addressed today to the Ministry of Education. By tomorrow, the leadership of the department will have to inform the President about how it is planned to organize the reception of state exams and diploma defence of graduates of high schools and educational institutions of the middle level, as well as what the mechanism of the current certification of students is. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers it appropriate in case of students of non-graduate courses to take the path of final certification on the basis of current performance - without passing intermediate exams.

A videoconference dedicated to the implementation of the law on state support during the state of emergency is among the meetings scheduled by the President for tomorrow. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that there are many complaints from business representatives regarding the practical implementation of socially significant norms. Another topic of tomorrow’s working discussion announced by the President is the situation in the PMR agriculture.