Decision of the Operational Headquarters: winter holidays for full-time schoolchildren extended by a week

In the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters they talked about sharp increase in the disease incidence of COVID-19 among Pridnestrovians in November-December last year. In many ways, the negative dynamics is associated with a noticeable increase in the number of tested citizens. If in July about two hundred samples were sent for laboratory research per day, then in December the coverage of the population with testing increased five and a half times (on average, 1127 biomaterial samples daily). At the same time, the level of detection of coronavirus also increased: in July, the disease was confirmed in 5% of tested citizens, in August – 8%, in September and October – 15% each, in November – 26%, in December – 35% of the tested samples were recognized as positive.

The events of the disease incidence among pupils and employees of educational institutions are not singular. There have been about two hundred cases of infection among schoolchildren during the last 10 days. A third of the sick are pupils of primary school. The Operational Headquarters decided to extend the vacation for all full-time schoolchildren for a week in order to be able to extinguish local outbreaks of childhood morbidity and prevent further spread of infection in school collectives. That is, pupils of 1–4 grades, as well as all pupils of small schools, the learning process in which was not remote, will return to their desks on January 18, and pupils of 5–11 grades of most educational institutions, who receive knowledge remotely, will begin their studies on January 11.