The Operational Headquarters decision: quarantine posts will be liquidated

It was decided in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for Prevention of the spread of coronavirus to liquidate the quarantine posts deployed last year along the Pridnestrovian border to limit the import of infection. Initially, there were approximately thirty posts, then the number was reduced to 16, and later to 11 locations. Service on them was carried out recently by the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs employees. Initially, it was indicated that quarantine posts will function until the incidence rate in Pridnestrovie and neighboring states equals. Today the indicators are identical. It was decided to remove temporary posts. Further actions will depend on the development of the coronavirus situation in Pridnestrovie and along its perimeter.

The issue of the possibility of crossing the border by citizens who have had COVID-19 was also discussed. The position of members of the Operational Headquarters agreed with the sanitary-epidemiological service is as follows: persons who have undergone coronavirus, within two months after recovery (subject to agreement with the territorial crisis center), can travel outside the republic without the need upon their return to be tested or self-isolate for two weeks. It is not required to have on hand documentary evidence of the fact that the citizen has successfully coped with COVID-19: information on this account will be displayed in a special "Status" tab of the "Atlas" system, to which the border guards have access. Employees of the sanitary-epidemiological inspection service (in case of undergoing treatment in an infectious diseases hospital) or crisis centers (if we are talking about those who were treated at home) will have to enter relevant information about the recovered Pridnestrovians. A citizen who returns to Pridnestrovie after a two-month period after recovery will be obliged to fulfill the standard requirements for all: take a test or be isolated for 14 days.