The implementation of the presidential program for construction of affordable housing continues

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic and the associated expenses and financial losses of the republican and local budgets were forced to suspend or seriously reduce various programs and projects, life in the country did not stop. Apartment building (Kotovskogo street, 151 D) was officially put into operation in Slobodzeya today. The initiator of the launch of the Pridnestrovian program for construction of affordable housing, the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky took part in the ceremony. He congratulated the new settlers, recalling that within the framework of the state project launched two years ago, about six hundred apartments in Tiraspol and Bendery have already been commissioned. This year it is planned to hand over the keys to residents of Bendery and residents of Grigoriopol. The plans for the next year include reformatting 6-7 more long-term construction projects in different cities of Pridnestrovie into residential cooperative houses. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that despite all the difficulties, the state, in partnership with citizens, intends to close the housing issue on a republican scale. The program of providing state employees with cherished square meters will certainly work through the purchase of secondary housing in the future. The implementation of the idea has been suspended due to the pandemic, but the state will definitely return to it, the President assured.

Vadim Krasnoselsky presented Diplomas and Letters of Gratitude from the PMR President to those who took an active part in the construction of a new house before cutting the symbolic red ribbon. The President expressed confidence that very soon the windows of all 48 apartments will light up, and the gray walls of the rooms will become a real home for happy new settlers.

The keys to their own apartments have been received today by almost fifty families from Slobodzeya. Two orphans are among the new settlers. Repair and construction work will be carried out at the state expense on a turnkey basis in their apartments. Today's event is a long-awaited one not only for members of the housing cooperative, but also for the entire district, whose multi-apartment housing stock has not been updated since 1993. The box of the revived long-term construction stood for 27 years. There were several unsuccessful attempts to resume construction, but it was only now possible to implement a socially significant project, thanks to the presidential program, noted the Head of the Slobodzeya administration Vasily Tishchenko. He said that young families, public sector workers, had entered the housing cooperative, who finally got the opportunity to purchase their own housing - relying on their income and state support in the form of preferential long-term lending.