Extended meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Heads of closed-type social institutions were invited to participate in today's meeting of the President’s Operational Headquarters at the initiative of the President. We are talking about shelters, orphanages, boarding houses, correctional schools, institutions with a round-the-clock regime of staying single and incapable citizens. The conversation with the directors of these institutions preceded the exchange of relevant information, traditional for the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. Ruslan Mova said that 386 COVID patients are treated in the infectious diseases hospitals of the republic. Exactly the same number of citizens coped with coronavirus. 33 infected died (mortality in the republic among carriers of coronavirus today is 4.1%). 80 people are awaiting the results of biomaterial research. During the pandemic, totally 5375 analysis were taken from Pridnestrovians, 806 cases of COVID-19 were detected.

Taking into consideration the composition of the participants in the meeting of the Operational Headquarters, special attention was given today to the state of affairs in social institutions. We talked about the glaring facts of non-compliance with sanitary-epidemiological and other requirements in some institutions and civil liability and discipline of the administration of others. The head of the staff informed the President of the results of inspections and measures taken on the ground to eliminate violations. The President talked with the leadership of each social institution (some of them took up director duties recently - in connection with the dismissal of previous leaders). Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the number of wards, staffing, the availability of protective and preventive measures, the difficulties faced by staff, and the solutions they proposed. The President called not to hush up the problems, but to voice them in order to jointly respond and take action. During the discussion, current assignments and recommendations were given. Many institutions, for example, need bactericidal lamps, that will be acquired soon.

The President asked each about conducting rapid testing among employees and wards, clarifying the presence of revealed facts of coronavirus disease. With the exception of the Bendery neuropsychiatric boarding school, which has become a hotbed of the massive spread of infection, there are few cases. Vadim Krasnoselsky urged that every effort should be made to maintain the health of the wards and employees of closed institutions, emphasizing that quarantine requirements are not so difficult to implement, but quite effective if not neglected.

They focused on the situation in the Bendery boarding house, where there are hundreds of women with various kinds of mental disorders. All wards diagnosed with COVID-19 are sent to the Slobodzeya hospital and the republican clinical hospital. By unloading the Bendery social institution in this way, his new administration was given the opportunity to solve the many problems identified during the inspections.

More than once during a working discussion with the heads of closed institutions the interlocutors returned to the question of the need to update their infrastructure. Many objects were listed in the program of the Capital Investment Fund, the full and operational implementation of which was prevented by the pandemic. The President assured that the work was not canceled, they were only postponed. The priority today is to save lives.