Expanded meeting of the President: summing up the Year of Health

The Minister of Health summed up the results of the Year of Health (2020) in the republic during extended meeting of the PMR President with the heads of state power and management bodies. She recalled that in the corresponding action plan there were one hundred points collected in 13 areas (promoting a healthy lifestyle, increasing medical literacy of the population, organizing work in the health sector, organizing and conducting sports and educational events in cities and regions of the republic, improving the environment, protection of mental health, reduction of mortality of citizens from external causes and socially dangerous diseases, implementation of specialized infrastructure projects). The Head of the department recalled the specific events that started within the framework of the Year of Health already on January 2, 2020, noted a large number of citizens involved in this work, and focused on the active and effective interaction of various structures, institutions and organizations. The speaker paid special attention to the issue of combating coronavirus, noting that the pandemic made us look at public health with different eyes and naturally determined new priorities for the Year of Health - interdepartmental cooperation, the introduction of remote services, strengthening the staff of the district network, continuity between the hospital and the outpatient clinic, medical and technical support of health care facilities.

Infrastructural transformation of the healthcare sector was discussed. “Large-scale repair work has been carried out at the Republican Dermatovenerologic Dispensary, the Bendery Center for Mother and Child, the Bendery City and Republican Tuberculosis Hospitals, the Capital Polyclinic No. 5 and the Bendery Children's Polyclinic No. 2. Seven ambulances were purchased, two virological laboratories were opened on the territory of the republic, computer tomographs were purchased for the Slobodzeya district hospital and the Bendery city hospital, and X-ray machines for five medical institutions. Approximately 4 million rubles were allocated for the purchase of endoscopic equipment, 441000 rubles for equipment for functional diagnostics. 27 units of equipment were purchased f or laboratory diagnostics, equipment for resuscitation and intensive care was updated for 54 units”, recalled Christina Albul in the context of summing up the results of the past year. She outlined important changes in the legal framework aimed at improving the system of medical care.