Working meeting under the President

The President held a meeting with the participation of the Government, the Supreme Council, Heads of state administrations and a number of departments. The working agenda includes, among other things, issues that were raised during the recent meetings of the President with representatives of the Pridnestrovian People’s Forum and the Union of Industrialists Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie. Based on requests from public figures, the President gave current instructions. It was about the development of state program designed for several years to replace furniture in educational and correctional institutions of the republic. It should start already in 2022 according to the Vadim Krasnoselsky. The renovation of the buildings of the polyclinic and the Central District Hospital Dubossary should be completed within two to three years. It was instructed at the cannery of Grigoriopol to carry out a prosecutor's inspection regarding the fulfillment by the investor of the obligations undertaken. Enterprises that are engaged in the employment of PMR citizens outside the republic will also be checked for compliance with the current legislation and licensing requirements.

Issues related to the organization of passenger transportation in the republic were discussed at the meeting. They talked about repairing minor roads. In particular, they mentioned the problem area leading from the village of Konstantinovka to Nikolskoye (Slobodzeya district). It was noted that a dozen and a half units of public transport run along it every day, which are forced to track along the side of the main track - completely broken. The repair of this section of the road requires about a million rubles. There is no source of funding yet. It is proposed to resort to patching again this year and to close the issue completely next year. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that it is planned to allocate more than 60 million rubles from the state budget for the repair of secondary roads in 2022.

Particular attention was paid to the "Grigoriopol Mine" State Unitary Enterprise. The financial and economic activity of this enterprise has raised questions for several years. The measures taken so far have not given the desired effect. The state went to meet the organization. Postponement of payment was provided for consumed energy resources, a schedule of debt repayment was scheduled and the tax payment regime was changed. Nevertheless, the debt to the budget is three million rubles. At the same time, sales of products have seriously decreased recently. The fall in demand was associated with the introduction of new aerated concrete technologies in the construction industry. It was noted during the meeting that there was a likelihood of resuming the active use of the boiler, since aerated concrete has not fully justified itself. It is possible to increase production only with the availability of technology, emphasized the Minister of Economic Development of the PMR Sergei Obolonik. He recalled that out of 16 stone-cutting machines of the mine, only two are in working order, three more units are restorable. The situation is similar with tractors: three out of 12 are on the move. The Minister of Economic Development also dwelled on the prospects of introducing new production forms at this enterprise. For example, the option of launching the production of facing tiles is considered. The Government, represented by the state management company, was instructed to take all possible measures to preserve and develop the enterprise.

The progress in the implementation of the Capital Investment Program was also discussed today. The President has planned another tour of the facilities being repaired with the funds of the Capital Investment Fund 2021.