Working discussion at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters

The Operational Headquarters under the PMR President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, created in Pridnestrovie in March of the outgoing year, has officially met 103 times. In addition, there were numerous working meetings of members of the Operational Headquarters, including offsite. Approximately 1100 orders were given and executed during almost 10 months. A voluminous legal framework has been formed that regulates the life of society in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. This was mentioned at today's meeting ending 2020. They talked about the numerous structures, organizations, enterprises involved in the fight against global disease, about the solidarity of citizens during this difficult period, about social responsibility, understanding and responsiveness, which made it possible to prevent destructive panic. The state rallied and stood, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized, expressing gratitude to members of the Operational Headquarters for the high-quality performance of the coordinating function, as well as to all Pridnestrovians for their efforts, patience and will to defeat the pandemic.

The President expressed hope that next year will be the year of victory over COVID-19. Vaccination plays a significant role in this process. It is extremely important that the vaccine is of high quality, stressed Vadim Krasnoselsky, talking about the agreement with Russia on the first deliveries.

Further plans in organizing the educational process was discussed at the meeting. After the New Year holidays (in case of a stable sanitary and epidemiological situation), the issue of a gradual return of schoolchildren to the traditional format of education will be decided. It is planned to be the first to return graduate students to school classrooms. The Minister of Education was instructed to develop a timetable for the gradual transition to full-time education. The document will be discussed in the new year.

The issue of returning sportsmen and pupils of art schools and other institutions of additional education to the halls and classrooms was discussed. The main requirement is the possibility of distancing children and ensuring sanitary procedures in the premises.

Another important issue is the work of the polyclinic service. There are complaints from citizens. It seems that the workers of polyclinics are cut off from the general system, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted, instructing the Head of the Ministry of Health to gather all the heads of polyclinics in a selector mode today and discuss in detail with them the algorithm of actions in the pandemic.