Working discussion in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters

The President was informed about the arrival of humanitarian aid in the republic in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. We are talking about medical equipment and personal protective equipment received through the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization provided the PMR Health Ministry with thirty oxygen concentrators, twenty heart rate monitors and ten electronic tablets, 26000 gloves. In addition, 27000 medical gowns have been received from the British Embassy. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude for the help, which is extremely important in the context of the pandemic.

The President asked about progress in purchasing the necessary medical equipment. Oxygen concentrators supplied by the World Health Organization do not cover the total demand. The issue of purchasing at least 35 more devices in the near future is being discussed. As for the computed tomograph of the Bendery hospital, it has already been installed and connected. A specialist will arrive from Germany On December 2 to give instructions on the operation of computed tomograph.

A laboratory on the basis of the capital's AIDS center was out of order due to the colossal workload. Even with the temporary absence of this element, the mechanism for processing the biomaterial of potential carriers of the virus should not be disturbed, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. A sufficient number of highly efficient express laboratories have been delivered to the republic. The devices and tests are already being used in polyclinics in Tiraspol and Bendery and will soon be delivered to other cities of the republic. 10000 tests were purchased. 20000 units are expected to be delivered additionally. The President noted that with the use of new mobile express laboratories, the coverage of the population with testing will become wider, and therefore the detection of carriers of the virus will increase. The workload of the COVID hospital network does not reach 70% to date, but the President directed the Health Ministry to be ready to increase the flow of patients. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about the inadmissibility of delaying the procedure for studying the biomaterial of potential carriers of the virus, noting that appropriate training courses should be held for medical personnel, and that a clear algorithm of actions should be prescribed for the employees of the polyclinic service when an infected person is identified.

Another important draft document, which the President mentioned, is an action plan in case of sharp increase of the disease incidence. It is necessary to think over in advance the option when the bed fund cannot cover the request for accommodation of all patients. Home treatment is an extreme measure, but the state must be ready for it, the President emphasized. He instructed to develop an algorithm for the future with a clear description of all aspects related to diagnosis, treatment, control, monitoring of the state of an isolated carrier of the infection at home.

The topic of vaccination of the population against seasonal viral diseases was raised during the meeting by the Operational Headquarters. Immunization work has begun. 2000 doses of influenza vaccine were distributed among healthcare facilities.

Another issue is the expediency of using rubber gloves in public transport in winter. The PMR chief sanitary doctor Natalya Beril, referring to the opinion of international experts, noted that she considers it right not to take off seasonal gloves in the passenger compartment of a public vehicle, and in their absence, use disinfector. But to participate in the voting, the presence of rubber gloves remains a mandatory requirement. Complete with a disposable face shield, they will be issued at the entrance to polling stations. Vadim Krasnoselsky called everyone to responsibility, which is a guarantee of security, as well as to electoral activity. The President appealed to all citizens of Pridnestrovie with an appeal to come to the place of elections on November 29 and fulfill their civic duty, noting that the formation of state authorities depends on each vote.