Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters

Members of the Operational Headquarters at the initiative of the President discussed the issue of resuming the practice of leaving conscripts on leave. The ban was introduced in the spring due to the difficult sanitary and epidemiological situation because of the coronavirus pandemic. The conscripts were in conditions of strict long-term isolation despite the working-day regime of service introduced in the Pridnestrovian army. The Commander-in-Chief of the PMR Armed Forces considera that the restrictions lasting nine months may negatively affect the moral and psychological climate in the army. By the decision of the Operational Headquarters, conscripts were again granted the right to go on leave. The decision in each case is made by the unit commander. Execution control is entrusted by the President to the Heads of the relevant departments.

Another issue that was discussed by members of the Operational Headquarters under the President was the improvement of the qualifications of Pridnestrovian doctors. The PMR Health Minister Christina Albul informed the President about the round table meeting held yesterday on his behalf. Heads of medical institutions and doctors representing various areas - resuscitators, pediatricians, therapists, neurologists, obstetricians-gynecologists - were involved in the working discussion. They talked about the reasons for the late appeal of patients, the interaction of outpatient-polyclinic institutions, ambulance services and medical hospitals. Specific cases of mortality and exacerbation of chronic diseases of COVID patients was analyzed. Various methods and forms of drug treatment for carriers of coronavirus infection were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the provision of assistance to seriously ill patients in intensive care units of infectious diseases hospitals. Such an exchange of views and experience is extremely important for developing an effective mechanism for countering the coronavirus, the minister said. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that this practice should become permanent.

Some appeals received from citizens to the President were also considered at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. Among them there is a complaint about inadequate conditions in the Grigoriopol infectious diseases hospital. The President listened to the head physician, instructed to investigate the essence of the appeal and if negative facts are confirmed, immediately take measures to eliminate them and prevent them in the future. Vadim Krasnoselsky also noted the importance of the fact that residents of the republic trust the country's leadership, sending their complaints, appeals, recommendations and suggestions. The President emphasized that none of them should be ignored.

The participants of the meeting discussed topics not related to the pandemic. For example they discussed the readiness for cold weather in the republic. Ruslan Mova informed members of the Operational Headquarters that 588 public utilities workers and 83 units of special equipment were involved in the work on snow removal and creating conditions for safe traffic on roads. They were assisted by representatives of the units of the Main Directorate for Emergency Situations (68 people and 12 emergency vehicles) and 36 crews of the State Automobile Inspectorate (72 employees). Heating stations are organized throughout Pridnestrovie - stationary and mobile. No utility accidents related to changes in weather conditions have been recorded this week.