Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters

Schoolchildren of all schools have returned to their desks from today. The core subjects will again be taught in traditional full-time education. Distance teaching will remain for a number of disciplines. Students of secondary and higher professional education returned to the educational process in this combined format. The President drew attention to the necessity for the strictest observance of the established sanitary rules in educational institutions.

The necessity to organize testing for COVID-19 at the Dubossary Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. Testing is needed for children with special needs arriving there for treatment and rehabilitation, their accompanying parents.

Creation of conditions for transportation and storage of the COVID-19 vaccine was another important issue that was raised at the Operational Headquarters. The President instructed to conduct an audit of the refrigeration equipment available in Pridnestrovie and, if necessary, urgently organize the purchase of additional refrigeration chambers. The PMR President emphasized that Pridnestrovie is ready to accept any vaccine for use, both Russian and European. Vaccination will be done on a purely voluntary basis. Vadim Krasnoselsk1y reminded that any immunobiological preparations used for vaccination in Pridnestrovie are subject to mandatory certification.