Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters under the President

Permanent improvement of hardware and software in the process of combating coronavirus was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Ruslan Mova said that the medical and militia brigades that go to the patients who are on home treatment are provided with special equipment and direct access to the Atlas information base. This allows you to immediately record current information about the current state of health of each patient in unified database.

Members of the Operational Headquarters spoke about the republican clinical hospital. On behalf of the President, a specially created commission checked the state of the municipal networks of the city center and calculated the estimated costs of bringing it into proper condition. There are long-standing needs of comprehensive monitoring in connection with the frequent emergencies. It is urgently necessary to carry out repair work by the ERES in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. These funds have already been provided for by the enterprise's investment program. Sergei Obolonik informed the meeting participants that significant amount of work on electrical networks was carried out in the republican clinical hospital during the construction and launch of a new surgical department, therefore the upcoming expenses are relatively small. The situation with water and heat supply is much more complicated: over 15 million rubles will be required to carry out all the necessary work. Two-thirds of this amount - 8.8 million - is needed to completely replace the heat supply communications. The system was installed in 1965 and requires urgent and comprehensive renovation.

Taking into consideration that, firstly, access to the buildings of the “red” hospital zone is limited due to the risk of infection, and secondly, in the context of the pandemic, which results in a significant number of hospital patients, it is currently not possible to carry out a global reconstruction of utility networks possible. Nevertheless, the object is in the zone of increased attention from the state, and work will be gradually carried out, as far as possible, starting with the most damaged areas.

One more information related to the republican clinical hospital: the institution is additionally provided with 15 10-liter oxygen concentrators. They were donated to the hospital by the "Interdnestrcom" company. Other medical institutions also need this equipment. Planned bulk purchase of the concentrators is at the expense of the budget. As for the filling of oxygen cylinders: earlier this was done in Moldova, and at a very high price. The process has been established at the Rybnitsa MMZ. The company already provides the local central hospital, and at a price almost 10 times lower than the cost of the Moldovan gas station. This is less than the cost, but the plant took this step as a support measure. The production capabilities of the enterprise allow providing oxygen to all medical institutions of the republic. The only question is delivery. Hospitals in the north of the republic receive special oxygen cassettes for concentrators. It is inexpedient to constantly transport them to gas stations from other regions of Pridnestrovie. It was decided that liquefied oxygen would be supplied to the south in a 6-ton amphora. The vehicle is in stock, a suitable chassis is needed for transportation. This issue is being worked out. The presence of its own base will ensure uninterrupted refueling of oxygen concentrators and will significantly reduce the costs of the Ministry of Health under this item, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. Speaking about the cost of oxygen, the President noted that it cannot be unprofitable for the plant. We are not talking about profit, but the working capital of the enterprise should not be washed out either, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. The President focused on the social responsibility of the administration and the staff of the MMZ, and also noted that the consolidation of efforts and internal mobilization in the context of the pandemic makes it possible to find new reserves for the country's self-sufficiency.

The President spoke about the assistance provided by the Interdnestrcom company in the delivery of 80000 COVID tests of new type to the republic. This is by far the best option. These tests of high degree of accuracy do not require laboratory examination of the biomaterial, that is, the test result can be obtained on site. At the same time, the purchase cost of one unit is three dollars, which is several times lower than previous analogues. The batch has already been delivered to the republic. As for the antigen tests of the previous import, they are running out, the Minister of Health informed. Christina Albul reported on the stocks of COVID drugs in the department's warehouses. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the presence of heparin, the deficit of which is indicated by some chief doctors. The minister said that a batch of 6000 bottles has been delivered today, another 15000 will arrive tomorrow. On Monday, 20000 pcs are expected to be received. Contracts for two large January deliveries have also been signed.

During today's meeting, the discussion of the issue of catering in medical institutions of the republic was we continued. Several working meetings were held in the government on this matter. Outsourcing in the healthcare system is already practiced. The system gradually covers an increasing number of institutions. It is not yet possible to include Dubossary and Grigoriopol. Food for patients in infectious diseases hospitals will continue to be prepared on site in these towns. The rest of the hospitals signed contracts with catering establishments for the first quarter of next year. Menu was approved. The cost of three meals a day is about 68 rubles per day. The state pays for it. In the future, not only coronavirus hospitals, but also all medical institutions of the republic should switch to cooperation with professional catering. The PMR Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov as part of the discussion of this issue announced the start of an official check on complaints about the quality of food and the lack of medicines in some medical institutions of the coronavirus profile.

Another important topic of the meeting was influenza vaccination. The chief sanitary doctor of the republic said that influenza immunization continues. 2300 out of the 26000 purchased vaccine doses remain in stock. Another 13000 units are expected to be delivered. It will be a Korean-made vaccine. It's not too late to get vaccinated, Natalia Beryl is sure. She noted that immunity is developed in the body on the eighth day after vaccination, and the next rise in the incidence of influenza traditionally occurs in the first decade of January, that is, the feasibility of vaccination is undeniable.

Concluding the meeting, the President noted that, despite all the new challenges, the system for countering the pandemic in Pridnestrovie has been built, it is improving and coping with the situation. The main thing is that help is provided to all sick people, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. Speaking about the burden on doctors, militia officers and representatives of other departments involved in anti-coronavirus activities, the President called it colossal. The President instructed the heads of the ministries to prepare lists of the most distinguished employees during the year passed under the COVID sign for their encouragement.