Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters

Increased attention in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters was paid to the provision of healthcare institutions with medicines, personal protective equipment, and medical consumables. It was about the timeliness of concluding contracts with pharmaceutical companies and other supplier organizations, as well as their prompt execution. The President spoke about the inadmissibility of work in fact: it is necessary to strategically approach the issue, plan purchases in advance, control supply, and form warehouse stocks from at least a two-month requirement calculated on the basis of the existing level of morbidity, that is, to provide 30000 patients. As for a significant number of questions arising from the Head physicians, the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the departments of the economic bloc related to the conclusion of contracts and their financing: to discuss them, the President instructed to hold a thematic round table.

The Minister of Health during the Operational Headquarters discussion reported on the available stocks of anti-coronavirus medicines and personal protective equipment. At the moment the provision is for treatment of 5000 patients for most items. Christina Albul focused on COVID tests. They are not in the warehouses of the Pridnestrovian Ministry of Health. 23000 units recently entered the republic have been distributed among medical institutions. 7000 rapid antigen tests are expected to be delivered by the end of the week. The delivery of another 70000 express tests of a new type was undertaken by the Interdnestrcom company. Their arrival in the republic is expected within the current month. Taking into consideration the growing coverage of the population with testing, the consequence of which is high level of detection of carriers of the virus, the Ministry of Health should be ready to organize treatment - both in hospitals and at home - for all infected citizens, Vadim Krasnoselsky said. The President emphasized that the branches of infectious diseases hospitals should be in full readiness to receive patients. Sanatoriums, dispensaries, health camps, if necessary, will again become hospitals that fully provide the stay and treatment of carriers of the virus. The only difference from the head hospitals is the absence of intensive care units. In connection with the growing flow of patients requiring hospitalization, a hospital is being deployed on the basis of the Grigoriopol district hospital. Designed for 100 beds, it will reduce the load on the republican clinical hospital (Tiraspol). The demand for oxygen concentrators is growing in the capital's hospital (as in most COVID hospitals in the republic) and, accordingly, the turnover of cylinders. Thirty concentrators were recently delivered to the republic through the WHO. Another ten units are acquired by one of the Pridnestrovian commercial structures. Only the Republican Clinical Hospital needs about fifty additional points of oxygen supply. Considering the vital value of oxygen therapy, the President instructed to expedite the decision on the purchase of the required number of concentrators and replaceable cylinders for them. Uniformed agencies were instructed to provide hospitals with employees who would be responsible for loading and delivering bulky and heavy cylinders to the wards. The chief doctors of medical institutions in the north of the republic - Rybnitsa and Kamenka - expressed their gratitude to the MMZ, the administration of which is assisting in the anti-coronavirus fight, including reducing the cost of oxygen for hospitals at times.

The chief sanitary doctor reported on current activities. According to Natalya Beril, the employees of the sanitary-epidemiological inspection service carried out inspections at 224 objects. 16 protocols were drawn up, 26 prescriptions were made. She focused on the situation with the spread of the virus in closed social institutions. Three children (asymptomatic) and 11 employees are still infected in the Tiraspol orphanage. There is one sick child in a similar institution of Bendery. 46 more carriers of the virus have been identified among the persons under care of the capital's neuropsychiatric boarding house over the past few days. A temporary hospital was set up there on December 14. Totally 84 cases have been identified during the current outbreak. 10 people were transferred to the republican clinical hospital. A branch of the infectious diseases hospital was deployed on the basis of the Tiraspol Nursing Home: 13 persons under care and 11 workers were infected. The President recalled that closed social institutions should be under special sanitary and epidemiological control.

Ensuring the safety of citizens at home was also discussed. They talked, for example, about the inadmissibility of visiting children by animators in the context of the active spread of the virus. Having a certificate of absence of COVID-19 is not a panacea, the President emphasized. Yesterday, an absolutely healthy citizen today may be a source of infection. In addition, the citizens themselves who provide the services of animators run the risk of becoming infected, moving from house to house, because the customers do not provide documents on passing the laboratory test for coronavirus. In this regard, on the recommendation of the sanitary-epidemiological inspection service, the Operational Headquarters decided to temporarily ban the provision of animation services. They returned to the topic of corporate events again. Irresponsibility, as well as the inappropriate ingenuity of some citizens in a pandemic, knows no bounds, it was noted at the meeting: as a plausible and legal cover for a collective celebration of the New Year's holidays, the pretext is the birthday of one of the employees. As a result, it was decided to prohibit in the New Year and Christmas period and birthday celebrations with the participation of guests who are not family members and relatives. Despite the restrictions, a festive atmosphere in the cities and regions of the republic must be created, the President pointed out. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the New Year is a family holiday, and it is especially important to remember this in the pandemic.