Working discussion with members of the Operational Headquarters under the President

The President noted during the working discussion with the Operational Headquarters that, despite all efforts, the incidence rates of coronavirus are growing for objective reasons. This measure will only allow for a short period to contain the onslaught of the pandemic even if vital activities of society are temporarily suspended. The exit from the lockdown will again intensify the spread of coronavirus among the population. Therefore, the path of comprehensive coverage of infected citizens with quality treatment in isolation in specialized medical institutions is covered in Pridnestrovie, the network of which is growing, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. As for the restrictive measures, they are being taken pointwise. The extension of school holidays and the transfer of educational institutions of the middle and higher level to distance learning are designed to extinguish the outbreak of morbidity among young people. Two-week absence of contacts among schoolchildren and students will help to cure already ill students and teachers and thereby reduce the spread of disease. At the same time, it is important to simultaneously limit the communication of children in other areas for a while. In this regard, the activities of institutions of additional education have been suspended. Holding classes in circles and sections is prohibited until another decision of the Operational Headquarters. While it is assumed that the restriction will last until the end of the school holidays. We are talking about online classes. Remote communication between teachers and children is encouraged. Speaking about the performing discipline in the field of education, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized the inadmissibility of unauthorized decisions of teachers or administrations to hold any kind of meetings, lessons, lectures on the sites of educational institutions, recalling the responsibility for failure to comply with the decisions of the Operational Headquarters and the relevant government agencies.

The President asked about progress in providing schools with necessary equipment for the full organization of the educational process in new forms based on communication between students and teachers at a distance, without personal contact. The first stage of solving the problem is at the final stage. According to Deputy Chairman of the Government Sergey Obolonik, 71 out of two hundred schools are provided with computers and high-speed Internet first of all. These are educational institutions with a large number of students. At these facilities, preparatory work has been carried out by the Unified Electricity Distribution System and JSC Interdnestrcom. Optical communication channels have been laid in 45 schools, the network has been tested. The provision of fiber optic to other educational institutions had to be delayed due to the lack of the required number of switches. This problem has been resolved. Switching equipment arrived in the republic. It will take several days to install. As for the purchase of computers (these are Lenovo monoblocks): 1934 units were purchased. They will be distributed as follows: Tiraspol - 715, Dnestrovsk - 57, Bendery - 353, Slobodzeya - 267, Grigoriopol - 117, Rybnitsa - 237, Dubossary - 106, Kamenka - 45, institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor - 12, The Ministry of Defense - 14, the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 11 computers. The first batch is to arrive on November 7-8, the second half of the order is expected in the republic at the end of this month. Thus, the initial stage of the project (provision of equipment for 71 schools) should be implemented before the end of the vacation period, then they will begin to equip the rest of the general educational institutions.

The President noted that the pandemic, despite all the difficulties, including the financial ones, which it created, prompted the resolution of issues that have long required attention. Providing schools with modern computer technology is one of them.

The President asked about the state's fulfillment of social obligations within the framework of this year's budget. According to the PMR Chairman of the Government, salaries, pensions and benefits are paid on time and in full. In terms of socially protected items, the 2020 budget is balanced. Until the end of the year, state development programs are also provided with income. Alexander Martynov informed about the work on systematic basis of the Coordination Council under the Government, whose members promptly respond to any changes in the economic situation, taking the necessary corrective measures.

The President listened to the reports of the chief doctors of healthcare institutions, which are obligatory for the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. The interlocutors discussed working issues. Current orders have been given. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the work he initiated to improve the qualifications of employees of coronavirus hospitals. The first online lectures have already been held. It was noted that the doctors showed interest in the classes, not only listening to the lecturer, but also actively participating in the dialogue during the video conference. Next week there will be an acceptance of tests from the course participants. The meeting participants agreed that this kind of training, exchange of knowledge and experience should be systematic.