Working visit of the President to Rybnitsa district continues

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited some of the facilities included in the capital investment program after the discussion part of the visit to Rybnitsa district. The purpose of the presidential inspection is to assess on the spot the progress in the infrastructural transformation of settlements. They started the inspection from the Kirov City Park. This is not the first visit of the President. The result of the previous working visits was the carrying out of renovation and improvement works here. The park zone, founded in the mid-60s of the last century, has long been in need of renovation. Last year, the old fountain was overhauled and a new one was built from scratch - the so-called dry. The territory adjacent to them was put in order, the paths were paved with paving slabs. Work on replacing the coating in the walking areas continues. The President drew attention to the fact that it is also necessary to improve those sections that the local residents have “trodden down”. The park is renovating and increasing the number of small architectural forms - benches, trash bins, street lamps. 3 million rubles have been allocated from the Capital Investment Fund 2021. Local budget funds were used for landscaping. Special attention was paid to vertical gardening.

The central square of Rybnitsa is ten years younger than the city park. The square acquired a familiar look for residents and guests of the city in 1977. It has not been reconstructed since then. The concrete pavement fell into disrepair long ago. It will be changed to tiled this year. The area to be paved is 6753 square meters. The contractor started to dismantle the old pavement. The plans include the construction of two fountains and the restoration of granite slabs at the Lenin monument. 5 million rubles have been allocated from the state budget. Part of the work is planned to be completed by the Day of the Republic, to complete the improvement of the square by the Day of the City.

The look of the Dniester embankment of Rybnitsa is also changing. The park located on Valchenko Street is acquiring a well-maintained look. Tiled paths - 1800 squares, along them there are ten benches and urns, as well as two dozen lamps. Landscaping work is in progress. The funds allocated in 2021 from the local budget were directed to the organization and launch of the irrigation system. The President drew attention to the need to revise the seedlings and replace those that have not taken root. The money of the Capital Investment Fund, 1 million will be used to further cover the territory of the park with paving slabs (coverage - over two thousand squares). The contractor is carrying out preparatory work now, the President was told.

A beach recreation area has been improved closer to the river. There are shady awnings, changing rooms, showers, public toilets. An equipped rescue station was put into operation by the beginning of the season. The President talked to the rescuers. He asked about the conditions created for carrying out the service, as well as about the situation in the area entrusted to the rescue team. There were no accidents on the Rybnitsa beach this season.

Unexpected participant of the off-site meeting was the stork Zhorik. They say he is well known to the locals, brave and sociable. The stork has been living on the Rybnitsa embankment for the second year.

While inspecting the territory adjacent to the park zone, Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the long-term construction projects located here. Among them there are the unfinished buildings of the school. Private traders began the construction of a residential building on shared terms on the basis of one of them at one time. The project has stalled. The President instructed to find out what the reason is and provide assistance for the prompt commissioning of the facility if necessary.