Presidential Inspection in Bendery

The PMR President was met by the Head of the Bendery Administration in the central part of the city. Roman Ivanchenko presented an updated plan for the reconstruction of the central part of the city. The project is updated and corrected in the course of work. An additional source of funding has been identified.

The President stopped at the memorial complex in honor of the Airborne Forces, the central element of which is the monument to Vasily Margelov. It should be ennobled, landscaping should be refreshed by 2 August. According to Roman Ivanchenko, squares named after Air Landing Forces and Peacekeepers will be put in order by August 29, today the construction industry is experiencing a shortage of tile pavers. At the same time, the material itself is of high quality and interestingly executed, it was noted during the inspection of objects in the city of Bendery.

The President drew attention to the need to update the lawn in front of the Pavel Tkachenko House of Culture. He was shown an irrigation system with drainage for each flower bed. At the same time, the President drew attention to the drain pits hastily covered with wooden plates: according to the President, this is unacceptable, as it poses a potential danger to passers-by.

The Bendery Board of Honor will change its location. Honoured people should be adequately represented, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. The new point will be determined a little later based on the emerging general picture of the improvement of the central square.

Vadim Krasnoselsky called on the Heads of city and district administrations to exchange experience and best practices. Residents of Bendery are advised to pay attention to the example of Tiraspol residents in terms of the use of screening out granite chips to retain moisture under trees and at the same time design landscape design.

In general, the concept of transforming the center of Bendery is to revitalize the area while preserving the historical elements. The diagrams presented to the attention of the President include projects of amphitheaters, placement of the city emblem with illumination, lighting network, and vertical gardening. An interesting detail: small squares will conceptually repeat the head one - using identical, but reduced in size, architectural elements.

Kalinin Street will be paved. Benches will be installed in the shade of the trees. The porch of the Nistru Hotel building is to be redesigned. The site in front of the Gorky cinema will also be put in order. The obsolete asphalt will be replaced with a tiled surface. The local branch of Sberbank will be ordered to bring the territory adjacent to the building into proper condition.

The improvement of the Bendery embankment of the Dniester is in a slightly more distant perspective. Task number one is water supply. It is pointless to talk about further planning of work in this area without solving this problem, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky. According to preliminary calculations, the complete transformation of the embankment will take three years. Funding source is the Capital Investment Fund.

Preparatory work is underway for the laying of paving slabs in the park area at school number 16, residents of Bendery call it “Solnechny” square. The irrigation system has been thought over. They are going to sow the lawn and plant roses. It is planned to build a complex of gazebos. A drill square has been ordered for the sports sector. It will be delivered to the city within two weeks. The equipment for the playground has been purchased and is waiting at the contractor's warehouse, Roman Ivanchenko informed the President. It will be located on the second tier of the square. The options for covering the children's sector and the workout zone was discussed with the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers the proposed pebbles to be traumatic. It is recommended to give preference to a modern rubberized coating. The third tier of the square will be occupied by a football field. So far, this is only a long-term plan, respectively, of the third stage of the improvement. Lighting should correspond not only to the leisure, but also to the sports functionality of the facility, noted Vadim Krasnoselsky. The President is confident that the complex will be in demand among the local population. In addition, it can be used for sports and cultural events.