Presidential Inspection: repair of sports facilities in Rybnitsa

The "Yubileiny" (Jubilee) sports complex in Rybnitsa is socially significant object, which is under the presidential control. The President at all stages of the discussion supported its inclusion in the program of the Capital Investment Fund. The track and field arena put into operation in 1990 and the attached three-story building of the hotel for athletes (11 rooms to accommodate 60 guests) did not meet the requirements of time and safety for a long time most importantly. The object as such is in demand at the same time. The arena with an area of ​​2673 square meters designed for 200 visits per shift has never been idle. It was decided to renovate the The "Yubileiny" sports complex, taking into account the course taken for the maximum familiarization of the population of Pridnestrovie with a healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sports. The roof was put in order, part of the window blocks were replaced last year after 2.3 million rubles allocation. This year, they continue to replace outdated window structures with modern metal-plastic ones. In addition, general construction, plumbing, electrical work is underway. The floor covering will be partially replaced along the perimeter of the arena. The plans include the improvement of the adjacent territory. The idea for the longer term is to equip a mini-football field 32 by 20 meters next to the main building of the sports complex.

The expected cost of this year is 2.5 million rubles. Sports simulators will be purchased on the instructions of the President. Negotiations are underway with the supplier. The question of placing an adult gym remains open. They discussed options, examined several rooms during today's visit. The decision, made on the basis of the recommendation of the President, to equip a gaming gym for young visitors remains in force. Decision was made on this location.

The President drew attention to the empty building of the former construction school for many years. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that it could be used to build affordable housing for residents of Rybnitsa, he instructed to work out this issue.

Repair work began in the Rybnitsa basin in May of this year. Sports School No. 1 was not included in the state program of the Capital Investment Fund program, the funds for the first stage - 2 million rubles - were from the reserve funds. The dismantling of the bowl has begun. The President during the working inspection asked about the contractors involved in the work, about the suppliers of building materials and equipment for the pool. The terms of putting the facility into operation were discussed. The bowl is being reconstructed this year. Shower rooms, changing rooms and other premises will be repaired next year.  Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled the position of the country's leadership that the work must be approached in a comprehensive manner, objects must be commissioned. The President gave a number of recommendations and current instructions.