The President heard the Report of the Head of State Administration of Kamenka

The report on the results of activities in 2020, announced by the Head of Kamenka district Vladimir Bychkov completes the cycle of reports from the Heads of State Administrations. The information was heard and discussed by videoconference by the Head of State, the leadership of the Presidential Administration, the PMR Government, the Supreme and City Council, parliamentarians representing the interests of the residents of Kamenka and the villages of the district in the legislative body of the republic.

The speaker informed about the activities within the framework of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, noting the contribution of volunteers. Vladimir Bychkov emphasized the activity of the volunteer movement and the demand for help from volunteers, saying that during the period of illness he also turned to them for assistance.

Speaking about the demographic situation in the region, the Head said that the population is 19159 people. A natural decline is stated: the birth rate, which decreased in 2020, compared to 2019, is three times lower than the death rate (117 versus 377).

The region's economy as a whole was negatively affected by the pandemic. Budget revenues are less than last year's - 74 million rubles. Almost half of this amount is own income. 71 million rubles were spent during the year, 68% of this amount was spent on financing socially protected articles. Vadim Bychkov announced 68 newly created jobs in the production sector in the context of employment of the population: an additional workshop of a garment factory was opened, an organization engaged in laying paving slabs began work, and a local division of the Trowel construction company was opened. The largest taxpayer in the region is the Kamenka cannery, in the development of which significant investment funds have been invested. The productivity of the enterprise was increased by one and a half – both in volume and in monetary terms in 2020. Good performance was recorded in the summer range: the volumes of canning of green peas, sweet corn and squash caviar were increased. The direction in which the decline was recorded is the conservation of apple juice. The reason is poor harvest. Measures are being taken to develop its own raw material base to reduce dependence on suppliers. This year, it is planned to lay a garden of 600 hectares.

Another manufacturer is "Garant-Service" in Kamenka. The enterprise produces carbonated, non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks. Profit in 2020 is almost 75% lower than at the end of 2019. Nevertheless, the organization expects to develop, in the plans for 2021 an increase of 6,5% in employee salaries.

Modestly from the point of view of profitability, the road construction management has worked. The decline in indicators was due to the serious sequestration of specialized programs associated with the diversion of funds to fight the pandemic.

The number of people employed in small business has been reduced by fifty patent holders (1441 individual entrepreneurs). At the same time, an increase was recorded in the number of agrarian enterprises (plus 30) and legal entities engaged in agriculture (plus 3 organizations). Approximately three hundred subjects in total are involved in the Kamenka agro-industrial complex. They use 22465 hectares of land. They are mainly engaged in the cultivation of grain, industrial, fodder and fruit and vegetable crops. The livestock sector is also gradually developing, Vladimir Bychkov noted in his report.

The speaker focused on the implementation of state, municipal and investment programs. 10 million were allocated under the Capital Investment Fund-2020 (12 objects were covered). A hotel for athletes, a central hospital, Kamenka culture houses, the villages of Katerinovka and Podoima, Wittgenstein Park, a medical and obstetric centre in the village of Yantarnoye, the water supply system of Sloboda Rashkovo, educational institutions are among them. 14,8 million rubles were spent from the Road Fund. Almost a million was spent on tidying up the stele at the entrance to the city, as well as the House-Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union I. Koval, arranging objects of architectural accessibility for people with disabilities, arranging the city beach. Funds were allocated to replace water supply, heating and sewerage networks in multi-storey buildings. One apartment was purchased for an orphan, and housing rent for this category of citizens was paid. The program of voter orders has been fully implemented. More often than others, citizens turned to deputies with a request to provide street lighting, to improve leisure zones and other public places. The investment program of the State Unitary Enterprise "Water Supply and Sanitation" has not been fully implemented. 377 thousand out of the planned 1,1 million were spent. Taking into account the funds of the Capital Investment Fund allocated in this sphere, more than three million rubles were spent to provide the settlements of the Kamenka District with centralized water supply in 2020. Speaking about the prospects for continuing work in this direction, Vladimir Bychkov noted the need to purchase specialized equipment, which is indispensable on stony soil. The Unified Distribution Grids have invested 1,2 million rubles in the improvement of the district according to the program. Gas workers have laid 2,9 kilometers of gas pipeline, gasified 77 residential premises and five enterprises.

As for the material and technical equipment of educational institutions, 2 million rubles were invested in it during the year, the same amount - in healthcare, another three million - in the sphere of culture, the Head of the district said. He focused on the transport sector, noting that the local population has complaints about the limited routes, the number of cars and the timetable, especially when it comes to villages, most of which can only be left by public transport on so-called market days. At the same time, the number of flights does not meet the needs of consumers either. In this regard, the President recalled that the provision of transport services is a licensed type of activity and involves a number of encumbrances. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that a similar problem exists not only in Kamenka district - complaints from citizens come from different settlements, including from the capital's residents. The Government and Heads of state administrations were instructed to develop an effective mechanism. According to Alexander Martynov, work in this direction is already underway. Working meeting was organized on this issue at the Government on January 29. Options for solving the problem should be formulated before February 19, and after the holidays the consolidated project will be presented to the President.

Returning directly to the activities of State Administration of Kamenka, Vadim Krasnoselsky called it satisfactory, noting that everything possible was done to ensure the life and the gradual development of the region in the extremely difficult conditions of the pandemic in 2020. Speaking about plans for the current year, the President aimed at completing work on such objects as the Culture Houses of Kamenka and Podoimy, medical institutions in the village of Yantarnoye, the central regional hospital, and Wittgenstein Park. The direction that remains relevant is water supply. One and a half million rubles each was allocated for the arrangement of the water supply system of the village of Grushka and the putting in order of the city's treatment systems. The priorities are street lighting and the expansion of the reclamation complex. Among the specific locations requiring attention and support, the President highlighted the Dniester sanatorium, recalling that last year's quarantine restrictions left the institution almost without clients (2072 people visited the Kamenka health resort in 2020 - four times less than a year earlier). At the same time, the premises were repaired and the personnel received wages during the period of forced downtime. Vadim Krasnoselsky stressed that keeping the sanatorium afloat is important not only from the point of view of preserving the taxpayer, but also for ensuring the health of the republic's population.

The President in the course of the working meeting focused on the issue of the adoption of the Kamenka budget, drawing attention to the fact that many significant items were left without funding. It turned out that the project initially presented by the local administration had undergone major changes during the parliamentary consideration. The adopted edition has not yet been submitted to the administration. Having listened to both sides and the views of other participants in the meeting, Vadim Krasnoselsky decided to continue discussing this issue with the personal participation of the parties. The President left for Kamenka.