The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters

In the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, Ruslan Mova said that 1481 samples of biomaterials of citizens suspected of infection were sent for laboratory research within three days that have passed since the previous meeting. 109 new cases of coronavirus have been identified. Three patients from COVID hospitals died, 47 people who coped with the disease were discharged during the same period.

Totally, 2594 cases of infection of Pridnestrovians with COVID-19 were confirmed during the pandemic. The total number of residents of the republic who died from a viral infection is 69 people (mortality 2.7%), 1702 (66%) recovered.

706 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 are in quarantine hospitals of the republic at the moment. 135 people are awaiting the results of testing. The coronavirus hospitals deployed across the republic are half full. There are 1415 beds. The maximum COVID patients that infectious units will be able to receive is 1730 people (the planned hospitalization of citizens with diseases not related to coronavirus will have to be suspended for this).

The President asked about implementation of the recently begun practice of collecting biomaterial from citizens with suspected COVID-19 at home. Testing of 179 citizens was carried out in this mode during the past three days. Four people have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Moreover, there are cases of refusal of such patients from hospitalization. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that this is unacceptable: carriers of the infection must be isolated and treated exclusively in a hospital setting.

According to the reports of the chief doctors, there are facts of infection of employees in many medical institutions. The President, noting that it will not be possible to completely avoid this (such factors as inattention caused by fatigue, negligence, a combination of circumstances not related to professional activity), nevertheless urged the heads of medical institutions not to weaken the control over the compliance of personnel with protection requirements. It was noted at the meeting that all healthcare facilities are provided with means of individual protection. There is also sufficient anti-coronavirus medicines. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled his requirement to constantly have a stock of medicines in warehouses, sufficient to treat 1000 patients.

The President asked about functioning of computed tomography scanners, the use of which for diagnostic purposes has confirmed its effectiveness. Two computed tomography scanners are working in Tiraspol today, one in Rybnitsa. The tomography in Slobodzeya is out of order: components require replacement, which are expected to be delivered by the end of the week. Residents of Bendery use the capital's equipment: every day approximately thirty patients are delivered to Tiraspol who need computed tomography examination. The President considers that healthcare system of Bendery needs its own tomograph. The task is to purchase and install it by the end of October. There is a suitable room in the hospital of Bendery. Specialized personnel is also trained. The load on the ambulance service, which delivers patients to the examination site, will also be decreased with the advent of this modern diagnostic equipment in the city. It was noted during the meeting that a number of calls to "103" service has significantly increased over the past few days, the number of people with temperature has doubled.

Issues related to the launch of educational process were discussed at the meeting. There are already several cases of quarantine of school classes and kindergarten groups. Control measures are underway to implement the new sanitary and epidemiological regulations. Violations were revealed in the hostels of two educational institutions. The lecture halls of PSU are being brought into line with modern requirements on behalf of the President. The Government has been instructed to allocate funds to replace more than two hundred windows in university offices.

Another topical issue is the statistics of COVID-19 cases imported to Pridnestrovie. It was noted that up to 80% of the PMR citizens who became ill with coronavirus traveled to Moldova or directly contacted infected people who arrived from there. Vadim Krasnoselsky summed up that it's not the right time to talk about easing quarantine measures and providing an opportunity for free crossing of the Pridnestrovian border in such circumstances.