The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Opening the work of the Operational Headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated the interlocutors on the upcoming anniversary of the republic. He expressed gratitude to everyone who participated in organizing and holding the festive events, emphasizing that he appreciates the work done as “excellent”. The President spoke about the interest shown by the Pridnestrovians and the large number of participants in official and cultural events. The President called the only negative point the persistent unwillingness of citizens to take care of their own and those around them, and ignoring the mask regime. Despite the preliminary information and propaganda work in this direction and a warning about liability for violation of the established requirements, it was decided not to apply the measures of influence on holidays. But with the onset of working days, control over the execution of the mask regime in closed public spaces and places of mass gathering of citizens is tightened. The President set a corresponding task for the employees of the internal affairs bodies.

It was noted at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters that the epidemiological situation in the republic remains difficult. The number of COVID-19 infected citizens is growing. 139 new cases were identified in three days. At the same time, only 15 people recovered during the specified period. Two carriers of coronavirus died (totally, 65 Pridnestrovians died during the pandemic; the mortality rate is 2.8%). 69% of infected patients (1600 people) recovered out of 2332 COVID-19 cases registered for the entire coronavirus period.

Taking into consideration the increase in morbidity and the policy aimed at early detection of infected citizens (testing and isolation in hospitals of the first level of potential carriers of the virus from the environment of the sick). In this regard, it was decided to test citizens suspected of infection without pronounced COVID symptoms at home, monitoring compliance with strict self-isolation until the results of a polymerase chain reaction test of the patient's biomaterial are obtained.

The President recalled the task to improve hospitals. The hospital in Bendery will not admit patients for the next three days (applicants will be redirected to the capital). During this time, the necessary work will be carried out there to provide the hospital with comfortable showers and to solve other repair and technical issues. They spoke about the hospital in Bendery in the context of inspections carried out, as a result of which a number of serious violations were revealed. The Head physician and the Head of one of the departments were temporarily suspended from office. The checks are ongoing. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the purpose of any check is not to punish, but to identify the root of the problem, find solutions and properly organize further work.

The official checks will also be continued on the facts related to the identified focus of the disease at the Floare factory.

A special conversation took place today with the chief doctors. The President spoke about responsibility for each patient, which is with the Heads of medical institutions, and also that in order to improve the level of administration, chief doctors must constantly improve their own professional qualifications. On behalf of the President, the staff of the Ministry of Health will be staffed with inspectors who will systematically monitor the activities of the chief doctors.