The President held a Meeting of the Operational Headquarters for Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus

Officials exchanged information related to the situation with the spread of coronavirus among the population of Pridnestrovie in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President. According to the latest data, 223 carriers of the virus are being treated in COVID hospitals of the republic. The coronavirus hospitals operate in all districts. They will function until discharge of patients in the hospitals; newly arrived will be sent to the capital, Bendery, Slobodzeya and Rybnitsa centers. With a further decrease in the incidence rate, the number of hospitals is supposed to be reduced to two - Slobodzeya, which will serve the center and south of the republic, and the so-called northern (Rybnitsa). It is possible in the future to maintain one profile center. It is important that the compactness of the placement does not lead to an overestimated load, which is fraught with a decrease in the quality of medical services, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky. The Ministry of Health is tasked with monitoring the situation and responding to its changes, showing flexibility in decision-making. Infectious hospitals are not closed, but preserved, and, if necessary, will be back in operation, the President emphasized. Hospitals of the first and third levels (medical facilities where patients are suspected of infection and those who undergo rehabilitation after having coped with COVID-19) will continue their activities everywhere.

As for the COVID indicators in general: during the pandemic in Pridnestrovie, 1100 cases of coronavirus were detected, 42 carriers of the infection died (mortality is 3,8%), 855 recovered (77,7% of the number of cases). The high rate of successful control of the disease and the relatively low mortality rate are the result of early detection and timely provision of medical care in the conditions of hospital isolation, members of the Operational Headquarters consider. It was noted at the meeting that in the current year - complicated by a pandemic - the mortality rate in the republic is 6% lower than last year's figures.

It was noted during the meeting that if the COVID situation begins to deteriorate, gradually mitigating restrictive measures will be tightened again. In the meantime, the situation allows us to move along the path of further relaxation of restrictions. From today, day hospitals have opened, the practice of vaccinating children and carrying out planned operations for minors and women with gynecological pathologies has been resumed. Possible for members of the headquarters is a gradual return to planned operational activities in general. On Thursday, specialized services will present the rules of the hotels - so far in a limited mode. Catering establishments received permission to receive visitors in open areas without time limits (before that, the evening maximum was set at 22:00).

Today they discussed the schedule of graduation parties presented by educational institutions presented by the Ministry of Education. The Operational Headquarters have questions. In some cases, assembly halls are indicated as venues, which is unacceptable.

Among the topics raised at today's meeting are the organization of events dedicated to the Day of Bendery Tragedy (June 19) and the beginning of World War II (June 22). Both dates will be adequately marked, with the holding of traditional events, but without massive participation of citizens.

The importance of the work of its local units, led by heads of local administrations was discussed in the course of the meeting of the headquarters under the President. It was also said that, despite the termination of the state of emergency in Pridnestrovie from tomorrow, the Operational Headquarters, created even before the state of emergency, continue its work and will meet in working order as necessary - at least twice a week. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday.