The President held meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Despite the day off, the Presidential Operations Headquarters gathered for a video conference, participation en corps. Opening the working discussion, Vadim Krasnoselsky called the situation with the distribution of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie difficult, but predictable. He emphasized that the increase in the number of citizens diagnosed with COVID-19 is associated not only with increase in the activity of the spread of coronavirus, but also with an increased detectability. Only today, 79 samples were sent for research in Chisinau. 292 cases of coronavirus were recorded among Pridnestrovians. 14 of those infected died, 15 - recovered. 262 cases are being treated in medical institutions of Pridnestrovie, one citizen of the PMR - in a Moldavian clinic. The stage when all coronavirus patients were placed in a single hospital - Slobodzeya hospital - is completed. Since the middle of last week, the territorial principle of patient admission has been in effect. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the categorical prohibition of inter-district migration of virus carriers. Centers COVID-19 are created in all towns and districts of the republic. The most active is the capital. Organized at the site of the new building of the Department of Surgery of the Republican Clinical Hospital, it is designed (with maximum workload using all available facilities) for 250 beds. It is necessary to prepare additional areas in Tiraspol, the President emphasized. Tomorrow during an extended meeting with the participation of the chief physicians of medical institutions of the republic, information should be provided on the work carried out in this direction.

Pridnestrovian COVID laboratory is ready for research. Organized on the basis of the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Center, it has successfully passed the “zero testing” test and will start operating tomorrow. Its production capacity is 60 laboratory assessments per day. A computer tomograph was installed and launched in Slobodzeya hospital, on behalf of the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to everyone who was involved in this work. The President said that the apparatus should be used in medical diagnostic practice and in the coronavirus center of the Republican Clinical Hospital. The residents of the capital, whose diseases are not related to COVID-19, will be sent to the hospital for veterans who need to be examined with a computer tomograph.

They spoke in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters about readiness for the meeting of Pridnestrovian citizens returning from the Russian Federation. Arrival of the aircraft from Moscow to the Chisinau airport is expected on April 23 and 25. Pridnestrovians returning to their homeland at the border of the PMR will be examined and tested for the presence of coronavirus. If signs of the disease are identified, citizens will be immediately delivered to the appropriate medical facility. A mechanism for the processing is provided. Pridnestrovians without coronavirus symptoms will be required to spend two weeks in conditions of strict home isolation. The entry into the republic is still closed for foreign citizens (29 foreigners were denied entry on weekends).

Restrictions related to the movement of citizens during the Easter holidays are maintained. Visiting cemeteries is prohibited (except for funeral processions). The celebration of the Orthodox Radonitsa is postponed to the beginning of June (unless circumstances require otherwise). The celebrations could be postponed indefinitely. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized, veterans will receive timely congratulations and well-deserved gifts, including financial assistance, the funds for which are included in the republican budget expenses.

Another decision made today by the members of the Operational Headquarters is to declare the next four days (April 21, 22, 23 and 24) a weekend. In the future, Saturdays will be announced as working days. Medical institutions involved in anticoronavirus activities, as well as outpatient services, whose employees travel on calls to citizens at home, will continue to operate normally.

Among the topics discussed by members of the Operational Headquarters was a shortage of working hands in coronavirus hospitals. This is not only about the medical staff, but also about the employees who carry out the work of non-medical profile. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers it appropriate to attract volunteers who are not related to the health sector, but who want to provide all possible assistance in the fight against coronavirus. The corresponding mass event is announced. Applications are accepted by the Operation Center.