The President held a field meeting of the Operational Headquarters for Flood Prevention

Decision to create an Operational Headquarters was made in connection with the flood behavior of the Dniester, associated with the rise of water due to the large amount of precipitation in the upper river basin. Its task is to coordinate the actions of officials, bodies, structures to eliminate the possible consequences of the flood and normalize the situation. The corresponding decree was signed by the PMR President. The Head of the Operational Headquarters was appointed Minister of PMR Internal Affairs Ruslan Mova. The structure of the temporarily created body included the Head of the Dubossary hydroelectric station.

Vadim Krasnoselsky held an emergency visiting conference today. The working meeting took place at the Dubossary hydroelectric station. The President examined the site and discussed the situation with representatives of the headquarters and the enterprise. Officials and relevant specialists informed the President about development of the situation, voicing actual and critical indicators, achievement of which could lead to flooding of settlements. Specific points on the map of Pridnestrovie are identified that are at risk. The measures are outlined that must be taken in case of a negative scenario.

An expanded meeting of the Operational Headquarters will be held tomorrow. The President will be informed about preventive measures, as well as readiness to conduct evacuation measures if necessary.