The President held a meeting with the Heads of State Administrations

The facilities being built and repaired under the capital investment program were discussed in detail in the course of the working meeting of the President with the Heads of State Administrations. Increased attention is paid to educational institutions. The President recalled that they should be commissioned before the start of the academic year, so now the emphasis is on it. It is planned to complete the infrastructure improvement works in the central parts of the cities by the beginning of September, by the Day of the Republic. They want to time the grand opening of some objects to coincide with the dates of the formation of a particular settlement.

They focused during the meeting on the implementation of the Capital Investment Fund through the Ministry of Health. It was supposed to include almost fifty objects this year. Building of 23 and repair of 24 objects are expected. Some of them were postponed to next year. This is done in order to be able to completely complete work in locations where work has already begun. According to the results of the inspection tours of the President, the list of potential participants in the state program of the Capital Investment Fund is being replenished by all new institutions. For example, the President instructed to include hospital of Kamenka in it next year. It is necessary to modernize the entrance to the reception area. To date, there is no way to normally transport patients delivered by ambulances to the building of the medical facility.

The President asked about the progress of work on the Bendery overpass. The Head of the city said that the dismantling of the upper structures was completed. Now they are engaged in supports. Inspection of the facility showed that during its construction the slabs were laid incorrectly, which could lead to tragedy, Roman Ivanchenko said. Today specialists faced serious construction flaws of the past years on the capital's bridge in Shevchenko Street. Back in the 60s of the last century, one of the supports was reinforced close to the gas pipe. This fact was not recorded in the documents: it was found out during the repair work. Approximately 10 million rubles are needed to correct this dangerous oversight. The funds will be sought. We are talking about the safety of citizens, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized.