The President held a meeting on the topic of financing the activities of the Archeology Research Laboratory

The President pays special attention to the activities of research laboratories. A lot of meetings under the President were devoted to its work. The main principle on which Vadim Krasnoselsky insists is that the research results of the research laboratory should be of applied nature, even when it comes to scientific research of a fundamental orientation. The only question is the customer. If the research necessary for development of sectors of the national economy is ordered by government agencies or economic entities, then fundamental research is needed in the scientific field, the center of which is the state university. In this regard, the President considers it expedient to include the PSU in the list of potential customers of specialized research laboratories. Such a system will allow maintaining, improving and developing the scientific base of the university, said Vadim Krasnoselsky during today's meeting. The leadership and representatives of the presidential executive office, the PMR Government and the State University were invited to the discussion in the videoconference mode. They talked about the recent reorganization processes in the system of research laboratories at PSU. Today there are 25 laboratories. One third are fundamental, the rest are engaged in applied research. The financing mechanism has also changed. The financing mechanism became the main issue on the agenda of the meeting. It was, in particular, about the system of remuneration of employees of the Archeology Research Laboratory. This laboratory is recognized as one of the most demanded and effective. It successfully copes with the task of preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the PMR. It was noted during the meeting that the employees, seven of whom are candidates of historical sciences in the specialty Archeology, are actively involved in the creation of the Historical Atlas of the PMR, new edition of the "History of the PMR", systematically participate in archaeological excavations, conduct historical and cultural expertise. The Head of the laboratory Vitaly Sinika spoke about the worthy representation of Pridnestrovie by the staff of the Archeology Research Laboratory of PSU named after T.G. Shevchenko at the international level. At the same time, after the adoption of a number of administrative decisions at the government level that changed the mechanism of remuneration for employees of research laboratories, specialists found themselves in situation where their work is paid once every six months, and the amount per year is less than it was, for example, in 2019. Considering that the Archeology Research Laboratory is the main, and for the majority of employees, the only place of work, such a situation threatens to lose staff. Another problematic aspect is not the allocation of funds for the organization of excavations and other types of practical activities in the sphere of archeology. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to find out why, with 1.2 million rubles allocated for financing the Archeology Research Laboratory, only 600 thousand were spent, and also to correct the existing mechanism of remuneration of specialists. The President considers that those of them who work at the Research Laboratory on a permanent basis must receive a monthly salary, the contracting parties - at least once a quarter.

On behalf of the President, a working group has been created that will work out all the issues raised during today's meeting within 10 days.