The President held meeting on the situation with the massive spread of coronavirus among wards and employees of the psychoneurological boarding house in Bendery

There are 353 women under state care who suffer from mental illness and need constant care and medical care in this regard in the State institution “Bendery Neuropsychiatric Boarding House”. Most of them are incapacitated. About fifty of them do not move independently. On the eve it became known about the mass infection of the wards and staff of the boarding house with coronavirus. The outbreak was identified through rapid testing, that on behalf of the President, is carried out in all closed-type social institutions. At the moment, the presence of COVID-19 is laboratory-confirmed in 72 patients of the Bendery boarding house. Research of biomaterial continues.

Taking into account the significant number of patients and the close contact of the wards of the institution in conditions of essentially confined space, it is likely that the virus will affect an even larger circle of citizens. The boarding collective must be isolated - this is the decision of members of the Presidential Operational Headquarters. Infected employees have already been delivered to COVID hospitals. As for the wards, the specificity of their diagnosis does not allow treatment in standard conditions of general coronavirus hospitals. It was decided that a three-level infectious diseases hospital will be deployed directly in the focal point of the virus. The presence of several boarding houses, as well as associated facilities, allows separating sick citizens, people suspected of infection, and those who have come into contact with COVID-19 carriers, but have not found the virus in the body when testing. The Ministry of Health together with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service will have to think over the placement of the provisional, infectious and observational departments of the temporarily created center as soon as possible, headed by Deputy Minister of Health Korina Stupak. She also leads a working group specially created in connection with the current situation. It is necessary to quickly deploy not only an isolated infectious diseases hospital on the basis of the boarding house, but also provide it with personnel. In connection with the quarantine declared in the republic, the staff of the institution was temporarily reduced by fifty people. Now it is necessary to find specialists in infectious diseases and doctors of other specialties necessary for the full fight against coronavirus. Volunteers are involved in the work. Those of them that represent the republic’s law enforcement agencies will also be involved in ensuring control: the facility needs enhanced security, including along the perimeter of the institution. The restriction of contacts with the outside world is designed to prevent infection from leaving the institution. Another aspect is the zoned service of the departments. The staff should not move from one building to another without implementing the most stringent security measures, the inventory must be clearly divided, the President aimed.

On behalf of the President, a list of medical and preventive measures should be taken. Boarding houses and other social institutions should be promptly provided with protective equipment. The agenda also includes the issue of residing of boarding house employees and people who are involved in the work during the period of its functioning as a coronavirus hospital, isolated from families.