The President held a meeting on reorganization of the municipal sports system of the Bendery

One of today's working meetings under the President was devoted to the actively discussed topic of reorganizing the sports system in Bendery. The discussion was held in the format of video conference. The heads and representatives of the Administration of the PMR President, the Government, the State Council for Sports, the State Administration and the City Council of Bendery, as well as local sports school are invited to the conversation. There are seven of them in the city. The question of the expediency of uniting sports schools has been discussed for several years. The opinions are different. There are supporters of the creation of a single center. Others propose to enlarge the existing model, leaving three units after the merger. There are categorical statements against change. The reorganization was initiated by the State Administration of Bendery. The main reason is optimization. The Head of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko explained during the meeting that the proposed and partially implemented changes will ultimately save 1.2 million rubles, which will remain in the system and will be used to increase the salaries of actually working employees. It was noted that none of the existing 162 positions of trainers-teachers can be reduced. We are talking only about staff units, in practice part-time, about medical workers who are nominally listed in sports schools, but actually work only in medical institutions, about watchmen, the need for which will disappear with the installation of modern video surveillance systems. In addition, it is proposed to create a professional team (16 people), which on a systematic basis will deal with construction and repair work at all facilities under the jurisdiction of the sports center (or sports schools, if the idea of ​​a full structural association is not supported and implemented).

The participants of the meeting for the most part support the reorganization as such, understanding that any system must correspond to the time, to meet modern realities and the needs of society. The model proposed by the city administration is seen by directors of sports schools as not quite effective. The heads of the sports school and the specialized civil service expressed support for enlargement - reducing the number of sports school for sports schools from seven to three units. For example, it seems expedient to unite schools representing water sports - swimming and rowing.

Vadim Krasnoselsky during the more than two-hour meeting gave the opportunity to speak out and argue his position to all interested parties. The interlocutors discussed numerous aspects related to the implementation of the project and its consequences. There is no doubt that the mechanism of administration of the municipal sports system requires adjustments. Having listened to all the opinions and arguments, the President noted that at this stage, the essentially pilot project of reorganization in the sports sphere will be continued, but taking into account the views of the heads and staff of schools. Each of them must contain the director, head teacher and administrator. The presence in the staffing table and, most importantly, the constant physical presence of a medical worker is mandatory (this is a question of ensuring the safety of athletes, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized). Employees providing security for sports facilities are required until institutions are equipped with security system. The standard units of the technical staff (cleaners and janitors) are also retained. A single specialized construction team will be created. An important aspect that the President focused on: the employees after staffing cut must be offered an alternative position in the same sphere. The President instructed to optimize document flow, saving school administrations from unnecessary duplication of reports. Another instruction is to conduct a legal examination of the regulatory framework in force in the sports sphere.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, concluding the meeting, noted that if the already implemented and still upcoming changes do not prove their effectiveness in practice, the improvement of the system will continue - until the return to the previous mechanism (if such a decision is appropriate). Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that this is a socially significant sphere. The President emphasized that physical education and sports are the basis of the nation's health. He recalled the serious investments made by the state in recent years in the development of mass and professional sports, emphasizing that work in this direction continues.