The President held a meeting on interdepartmental workflow activation

Vadim Krasnoselsky invited leadership of the PMR Administration, the Government, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Customs Committee to a working discussion that took place in a video conference mode. The topic is electronic document management. The President emphasized that the pandemic, which limited the possibility of exchanging information on paper, confirmed the long-overdue need for a transition to a modern form of storage and transfer of documents. It was noted in the course of the meeting that there are achievements in this direction. An interdepartmental electronic document management system is gradually introduced. Today, 29 bodies of state power and administration are united in a common network. The rest will be connected within two to three months. If in 2018 there were 13571 documents in the electronic exchange database, then in 2019 there were already 72500 of them. It is planned during the current year to reach the figure of 120000. By September 2020, the paperwork will be completely abandoned. The President called for stepping up work in this direction, emphasizing that it has gained particular relevance in the context of quarantine restrictions.

Practical aspects and proposals were discussed during the meeting. They talked about achievements of a number of ministries and organizations whose experience should be used. Today a meeting of a specially created working group will be held. It will be headed by the PMR Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap and in addition to representatives of several ministries, departments and public services, will include experts in the sphere of information systems and technologies.