The PMR President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Despite the termination of the state of emergency in Pridnestrovie, quarantine in the country continues, as does the work of the Operational Headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Today regular scheduled meeting took place. Its participants noted that in the republic, with active testing of various segments of the population, ten cases of coronavirus infection were detected in three days. During the same time, 33 patients were discharged from COVID hospitals. The share of recovered citizens is 80% of the number of cases. COVID mortality, compared with other states, is low in Pridnestrovie – 3,8% (44 cases, in each of them the diagnosis of coronavirus was aggravated by other diseases). Health system, with effective administrative support from the state, is successfully coping with the pandemic test. The minimum number of patients allows preserving the activity of two more infectious hospitals - Tiraspol and Bendery. After discharge of citizens who are hospitalized there, incoming newly patients will be sent to the central Slobodzeya COVID center. According to this principle, the merger of hospitals in the north of the republic has already been organized. At the same time, the President emphasized that hospitals of the first and third levels are preserved everywhere, and the objects created for the treatment of the virus carriers themselves are not liquidated, but preserved - with complete readiness to accept patients in case of a new wave of the disease. The number of coronavirus patients will be an indicator: admission to the Slobodzeya hospital of the 151st patient will mean that there is a need to expand the network of infectious diseases hospitals again. The psychiatric COVID department of the Republican Clinical Hospital stops working, the need for the creation of which was determined by the mass infection of the wards of the Bendery neuropsychiatric boarding house. To date, most of them have successfully completed the course of treatment.

They spoke at the meeting about the Tiraspol COVID laboratory. Its activities are suspended. This is a necessary measure associated with the failure of an important component of the equipment - the amplifier. According to technical experts, it cannot be repaired. The supply of components will take time. The Ministry of Health is working in this direction. So far, the decision has been made to use similar equipment available in the laboratory at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The issue of testing at the request of citizens was also discussed. Pridnestrovians receive many complaints related to the fact that some countries require a certificate of laboratory confirmation of the absence of coronavirus for crossing the border in their direction. Members of the headquarters agreed that the provision of such a service on paid basis is possible - while maintaining the principle of priority testing through the Ministry of Health. The President instructed to prepare an appropriate regulatory framework.

By the decision of the Operational Headquarters, children's hospitals resume their activities: with the observance of all security measures, both scheduled admission and hospitalization are allowed. A request was also received from the Ministry of Health for providing the opportunity to carry out procedures at the physiotherapy centers and hydropathic centers. The decision is up to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. The permission of Operational Headquarters to conduct medical examinations of applicants has already been obtained: medical certificates are required for submission to educational institutions. The chief medical officer also gave the green light to the resumption of computer centers activities. Among the requirements are masks, hand disinfection, systemic processing of keyboards, computer mice and other equipment, as well as limiting the working hours of objects and the number of visitors simultaneously in the room. Hotels were returned to the system.

The President asked about the readiness of leisure zones located near water bodies for safe pastime of citizens. Ruslan Mova informed that the corresponding work was not carried out by all administrations of cities and regions. The chapters are instructed to intensify activities in this direction. On Tuesday, reports should be submitted to the Administration of the PMR President.

The topic of a separate conversation was the situation in the Rybnitsa district. Heavy rainfall caused serious damage. According to local leader Viktor Tyagai, a dozen homes were damaged, about four hundred household plots were flooded, roads were blurred. 18 units of equipment are struggling with the consequences of the disaster, but the problem is that the sections of roads cleared in the morning are flooded again by midday. Wells are filled with rainwater. In this regard, delivery of drinking water to a number of settlements was organized. The President instructed the Government to keep the situation under control and provide assistance to the district administration. Particular attention should be paid to lonely residents affected by heavy rains, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about tomorrow's events dedicated to the Bendery Tragedy Day. Due to the quarantine, it will be held without usual mass participation, but in compliance with all traditions that have been established over the years that have passed since the tragic date. The President emphasized that on June 19, the memory of the dead should be honored not only in Bendery, but in all cities and regions of the republic. This day is not allowed to conduct recreational activities. It is recommended that public catering facilities minimize the musical accompaniment of their activities.