The President held video conference

The Heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic informed the President about the situation on the ground. In general, the situation is stable. The most important event of the past week was the Republic Day celebration. Celebrations took place throughout Pridnestrovie. Most part of events were organized in the capital. Vadim Krasnoselsky highly appreciated the level of preparations, noting that the cultural life of the republic is becoming more diverse and richer.

Traditional theme for weekly presidential conference with the Heads is improvement of settlements. Work in this direction is ongoing everywhere. Ensuring security and creating comfortable conditions are its main components, Vadim Krasnoselsky said. The President urged the interlocutors to listen to the opinion of the local population, respond promptly to incoming requests, analyze the proposals and initiatives of citizens. As an example, the President outlined the situation with the movement of vehicles along Mira Street in Tiraspol. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to immediately investigate the possibility of organizing two-way vehicles on the designated section of the road.

The Heads should have special construction of new playgrounds under special control. The President emphasized that the state allocates significant funds for these purposes, which should be used rationally and strictly for their intended purpose. Another common thing for all Heads of city and district administrations is bringing entry groups in settlements into proper form. Destroyed and not subject to restoration must be liquidated, those that are of architectural, cultural, historical value must be restored.

The interlocutors discussed all pressing issues of the vital activity of cities and regions of the republic, outlined plans for the current week and the medium term.