The President held video conference with Heads of State Administrations

The working week of the President traditionally began with video-conference with the leaders of towns and districts of the republic. They informed the President about the situation on the ground, discussed current working issues and plans for the near future.

The situation in the republic is stable on the whole, Vadim Krasnoselsky stated following the results of the video conference. He recalled that reporting meetings with the Heads of local state administrations devoted to summing up the results of 2019 are ongoing. He emphasized: the public reports of the Heads of state administrations should be presented to the public, so that residents of the towns and districts they lead can not only familiarize themselves with the results of the work done, but also share their vision of the development of the region.

They spoke at the meeting about preparations for events dedicated to the anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The President drew attention of the Heads that in addition to the traditional requiem rally, on the eve of the memorable date, it is necessary to carry out extensive information work, including organizing meetings of internationalist soldiers with the youth.

The President was interested in the work of public utilities. They discussed readiness of the special services for the probable snowfall. Another topic is timely garbage collection. Due to the gusty wind, household waste is scattered along the roadsides. The President instructed the leaders of towns and districts to pay the attention of public utilities to this problem and take the necessary measures to bring streets and highways in proper shape.