The President held an extended meeting with the leadership of the Government, the Ministry of Economic Development and the administrations of towns and districts

The videoconference meeting initiated by the President was organized at the end of a series of working meetings with the heads of state administrations of towns and districts of the republic. The main issue is of the Capital Investment Fund 2021 program formation. It must be drawn up before completion of work on the draft budget for next year. In addition to the discussion of the President with the heads of local authorities, a preliminary discussion of the need to update the social and communal infrastructure of the republic's settlements was held at the Government level.

The PMR Prime Minister informed the President about the achievements of the Capital Investment Fund program. During its existence, half of the Pridnestrovian schools, a third of kindergartens, a significant part of health and cultural facilities, sports facilities, as well as the power block subordinate to the ministries have been repaired with the funds of the trust fund. The progress in providing the population of the republic with water supply is also serious. We are talking about both the modernization of urban networks and access to a centralized water supply for rural residents (in two years, water came to three dozen Pridnestrovian villages). The Head of the Government considers state financing of the inter-tariff difference to be an effective tool. According to Alexander Martynov, this mechanism made it possible to increase the fullness of investment programs this year compared to the previous year by 1.7 times: the volume of work performed on the renewal of electrical networks and the gas supply system increased 1.6 times, heating networks - 2.6 times, water supply - twice.

The Head of the executive branch outlined the Government's vision of the content of the Capital Investment Fund 2021 program. In this edition, the total amount of 119 million rubles was announced, which is 142 million less than in 2020. The noticeable reduction is due to the planned increase in salaries and pensions, which will require at least 200 million rubles. The estimated distribution of the capital investment fund's resources by areas: 40% for health care institutions, 42% for reconstruction of municipal infrastructure and improvement facilities, including the repair of schools and kindergartens, 18% for bringing the facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and other departments of the power block into proper condition. Another planned expense item is the repayment of historical debts to housing management companies (approximately 12 million rubles).

Before giving the floor to the heads of state administrations, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that when determining the order of inclusion in the Capital Investment Fund program, it is important to take priority into account. Priority will be given to the so-called rolling objects in 2021 (previously started work must be completed), those locations whose repairs are urgent, but at the same time there is confidence that the work can be completed within one budget year, as well as improvement of central city ​​squares and streets.

After listening to the reports of the Heads and Government comments, the President voiced his position on a number of points. It was recommended to postpone the repair and reconstruction of some objects, while others were proposed to be added to the list of priorities. In the wording proposed by the President, the volume of financing for Capital Investment Fund 2021 in the context of urban and regional infrastructure increases by 22 million rubles. The participation of ministries and departments in this program is still to be discussed. A corresponding meeting under the President is scheduled for tomorrow.

All opinions and suggestions will be calculated and analyzed. Work on the draft program of the next year Capital Investment Fund should be completed by early November.