The President held an expanded meeting on the draft Concept for the PMR health care development

Vadim Krasnoselsky invited not only the leadership of the presidential executive office, the PMR Government, the Supreme Council and the Ministry of Health, but also the heads of state administrations of towns and districts, as well as chief doctors of the country's leading medical institutions to talk about the future of Pridnestrovian health care. The President expressed confidence that an optimal mechanism can be developed only with such an expanded composition, emphasizing that the opinion of representatives of the medical sphere is fundamental in this case personally for him. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that healthcare is a complex multi-link and broad-functional system that covers the entire population of the republic and the well-being of the Pridnestrovian society largely depends on its effectiveness. That is why the draft Healthcare Development Concept is given increased attention and the country's leadership is in no hurry to adopt a document that is strategic in its essence.

The vision of the relevant ministry was presented by the Head of the department Christina Albul. She outlined the expected stages of further development of health care and measures proposed to improve the medical sphere. We are talking about bringing the capacity and structure of the network of medical institutions in line with the real need (redistribution and reduction of hospital beds), as well as development of primary health care system. According to developers of the concept, a number of general practitioners should exceed 350 units within 4 years. At the same time, the functionality of district doctors will be expanded, as will the range of responsibilities of mid-level specialists. It is assumed that nurses (nurses) will take over the paperwork, preliminary examination of patients and other functions. The number of such specialists will also grow. The norm should be a ratio of 2 mid-level health workers to one district doctor. The corresponding task of personnel training will be assigned to specialized educational institutions. The President asked how the Minister of Health sees further interaction between PSU medical faculty and the ministry. The concept of organizing joint work will be presented to the President in the near future. The main thing is that the state order for health care specialists is formed by the specialized department - based on the real need for certain personnel, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. Another important role that is assigned to the state university is the organization of postgraduate education and advanced training of specialists on its site. The President recalled that the chief doctors should also raise the level of professionalism, in particular in the area of ​​administration. He instructed to organize a corresponding course on the basis of the medical faculty.

As for the network of medical institutions in the republic, the authors of the draft Concept for development of health care until 2026 propose to divide it into three levels: district, inter-district and republican. The discussion of the question of which institution will be assigned to which category resulted in a lengthy and well-reasoned discussion. For example, they do not support the proposal to close a number of maternity hospitals in towns and districts of the republic. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that this aspect requires additional detailed study. The President pointed out that there can be no single approach here: it is necessary to analyze and make a decision on each object. The Vadim Krasnoselsky paid special attention to medical institutions in rural areas. On his behalf, a detailed map of the location of all healthcare facilities will be formed in order to be able to assess the availability of medical institutions for residents of all settlements of the republic in the near future.

The final decision on the government's proposed centralization of the ambulance service will be based on the opinion of the chief doctors. Most practitioners during the meeting opposed the unification of the dispatching department service. They consider it expedient to keep the territorial management principle as more mobile and efficient. This issue remains on the agenda.

The topic of increasing the salaries of medical personnel was not left without discussion. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the growth was planned already this year, but due to the pandemic, only some categories of doctors and other employees of medical institutions managed to increase the level of wages. A gradual increase is expected in the coming year as well. More specifically, this issue will be discussed in the framework of the budget discussion. Meeting on the draft of the country's main financial document for 2021 is scheduled for tomorrow.