The President held a working meeting

Vadim Krasnoselsky held a working meeting with participation of the Head of the presidential administration, the Chairman of the PMR Government, the Head of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, the Minister of Health and the Head physician of the central coronavirus hospital of Pridnestrovie. General strategy for further combating the pandemic, as well as specific issues that require preliminary study before including it on the agenda of the Operational Headquarters meeting was discussed.

Considering that the coronavirus became known at the end of last year, this negative phenomenon of global scale has already developed its own "medical history", Vadim Krasnoselsky said opening the meeting. The President emphasized that Pridnestrovie is not only studying the experience of other states, but also forming its own. The path taken by the republic in countering the spread of the virus is quite successful. We are talking about the maximum coverage of the population with testing, isolation of carriers of the infection, including potential carriers, and treatment of patients under the supervision of medical staff. The algorithm of actions, which is quite simple in its essence, requires strict discipline from the society, and from the state - serious expenses. Hundreds of millions of rubles have been allocated for the implementation of anti-coronavirus measures. The number of beds in infectious diseases hospitals is expanding (the number of beds in hospitals in Pridnestrovie is close to the number of beds deployed throughout Moldova). Recently, emphasis has been placed on hospitalization of asymptomatic carriers of the virus. The treatment often does not require serious medical attention, but each sick person should not only be isolated from healthy citizens, but also be provided with constant monitoring by medical personnel, since the course of the disease is unpredictable, Vadim Krasnoselsky stressed. In his opinion, this approach ensured a fairly low mortality rate among Pridnestrovians infected with COVID-19 (about 2%), moreover, the majority of citizens who did not cope with the disease are people of very old age or patients who have exacerbated chronic diseases against the background of coronavirus. Compared to other states, the number of seriously ill patients from COVID centers in Pridnestrovie is small, only a few need to be connected to lung ventilations.

No more than 70% of the republic's bed capacity is occupied at the moment. Since the Pridnestrovianian coronavirus anti-records were recorded about a week ago, and a significant part of the detected carriers are asymptomatic, the doctors expect a mass discharge in just a week, ten days maximum. It will facilitate the rapid release of beds and the use of express tests that do not require many days of waiting for the results of the study of biomaterial samples. Thus, it is hoped that the expansion of the hospital network in the near future will not be required. At the same time, it was noted at the meeting that the mechanism for distributing patients between the main hospitals and branches that are less adapted to the provision of serious medical care requires finalization. The interlocutors discussed various options, exchanged views and proposals in this regard. The President said that professional personnel are needed not only in the head coronavirus hospitals, but in the branches of hospitals intended for patients with a mild form of the disease. The practice of training and advanced training of the personnel of infectious hospitals, initiated by Vadim Krasnoselsky, continues. This project is headed by the head physician of the Slobodzeya hospital Igor Tostanovsky.

Methods of treating coronavirus was also discussed. In addition to already successfully used medicines, Pridnestrovian doctors are testing new types of drugs. Chinese medicine has proven itself well, all the components of which are of plant origin. Taking the drug leads to a clear regression of viral symptoms, Igor Tostanovsky shared his findings. The Head of the Slobodzeya Hospital recommends using it in complex treatment and as an alternative to other medicines for mild disease. In addition, there is an opinion that the discussed tool - affordable - can be used for preventive purposes. It was decided to purchase a trial batch. The possibility of implementation in a retail pharmacy network is being discussed.

Another topic of today's working discussion is the quality of compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. It was stated at the meeting that not all citizens take the danger of the virus seriously. There are many complaints about irresponsible and formal attitude to thermometry, non-compliance with distance and the culture of wearing masks, which many perceive as nothing more than an object of decoration. In addition, there are signals that in pharmacies, along with medical ones, household masks are sold, the protective effect of which is highly questionable. The President instructed to check the pharmaceutical network, stressing that the sale of household masks has the right to life, but should be carried out in specialized (household, construction) stores, and not in pharmacies, and at a price corresponding to their functionality and quality. As for the fulfillment of quarantine requirements by citizens, the control should be strict, the President noted, stressing that the administration of institutions is responsible for the performance discipline of visitors.

The agenda also includes ensuring the safety of visitors to service establishments. There is a proposal to introduce a system testing mechanism for specialists who personally contact a large number of clients. The issue is being worked out and will be brought up for discussion at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President.