The President held a regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention and control of the spread of coronavirus

According to the information announced at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters, infectious diseases hospitals in Pridnestrovie are 76% full. 1302 people are being treated in coronavirus hospitals. The disease is severe in 29 patients, two patients are connected to ventilators. Another 160 Pridnestrovians are awaiting the results of the study of biomaterial samples in connection with the suspicion of the presence of COVID-19. 2140 people have been tested in the three days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters. The fact of a new type of virus was confirmed in 287 of them. Almost the same number of citizens were discharged from hospitals upon completion of treatment. Eight COVID-positive citizens died during the reporting period. Totally, 121 carriers of the virus died during the pandemic (mortality rate 2.4%). 3447 people coped with the disease. Over the entire period of observations in Pridnestrovie, 4997 cases of coronavirus disease have been registered.

The meeting participants noted the fact that in almost all settlements there are cases of suspension of the activities of school classes and kindergarten groups. In the capital, there are seven classes and four groups in quarantine, eight classes in Bendery, one in Slobodzeya, four in Grigoriopol, five groups of preschool educational institutions in the Rybnitsa region, and one group in the Dubossary village of Goyany. In terms of coronavirus resistance, members of the Operational Headquarters named Kamenka the hero city: with a minimum number of sick residents, not a single educational institution was quarantined in Kamenka and Kamenka District.

The issue of the functioning of nursery groups was mentioned at the meeting. Children under three years old are accepted in all regions of the republic at the moment. There are180 such groups.

The issue of organizing hot meals in schools was discussed today. Numerous appeals in this regard are received from the parents of schoolchildren. The President noted that he considers it possible, but with the strictest observance of security measures. The head of state will be presented with the regulations developed by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. Another relevant topic for parents of junior schoolchildren is extended day groups. Today there are about 12 thousand applications in this regard. The opinions of the members of the Operational Headquarters regarding the advisability of providing this type of service in the face of a growing incidence of morbidity were divided. The discussion of this issue will continue in a working order.

Draft recommendations aimed at the safest conduct of elections has been developed and approved by the relevant services. The republic will host a single voting day at the end of November. Preparations for this event are already underway. The main polling stations will be opened on November 29, but on November 24 it will be possible to vote early in seven locations. This time, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and other departments involved in anti-coronavirus activities on the election day will also be given the opportunity to vote in advance. The number of points for issuing ballots is increasing to reduce the simultaneous congestion of people. All participants in the electoral process - voters, members of election commissions, observers, volunteers and media representatives who will cover the voting process - will be provided with personal protective means (masks and gloves). The Heads of state administrations were instructed to delegate their representatives to give the means of personal protective at the entrance to the voting premises. The Chairman of the PMR Central Election Commission Elena Gorodetskaya called such security measures unprecedented. According to her, the corresponding rooms will be provided with disinfecting equipment. Totally 132 premises are being prepared. They are mainly located in the buildings of educational institutions (99 schools, a university, technical schools, palaces of children and youth creativity are involved). By the decision of the President, on November 30, these facilities will be closed for disinfection. The educational process on this day in these educational institutions is organized exclusively in a distance mode. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the need to provide means of increased personal protection for members of mobile teams who will be involved in the voting outside the voting premises.

Another presidential decision today: the announced working Saturday will be shortened and will last until noon.