The President called on citizens to be conscientious, responsible and attentive - to themselves and others

It was noted as part of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters, that the largest group of patients with coronavirus are people of retirement age (1043 cases). In this regard, Vadim Krasnoselsky appealed to representatives of the older generation, as well as to representatives of other categories of citizens who are at a high risk of infection, with an appeal to protect themselves by reducing the number of contacts to the possible minimum and using all available means of protection. “We recommend, as before, that people of advanced age and those who suffer from any chronic diseases, to isolate themselves as much as possible, to refuse contact with strangers. Going to the pharmacy or the store is allowed, going for a walk is encouraged. But don't do this without personal protective equipment. We are talking about masks, gloves. Any contacts in the store - through a grocery cart or doorknob - can lead to very dire consequences. People over 50 are at risk, and the older a person is, the more dangerous the virus is. Comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, heart or kidney failure and other illnesses exacerbate the situation. Take care of you,” the President urged.

Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed the youth: “Take care of your parents, take care of them. Bring food, provide isolation, provide loved ones with personal protective equipment”, as well as representatives of volunteer organizations with a request to intensify work to support single citizens in need of help.