The President recognized the work of the PMR State Service for Sports as satisfactory

Vadim Krasnoselsky heard the report on the activities of the State Service for Sports in 2020. The meeting was held via videoconference. The main report was made by the Head of the State Service Vyacheslav Sokolenko. According to him, 31 sports institutions and 13 republican sports federations function in Pridnestrovie. The material and technical base of physical culture of the republic includes 291 structures: 7 stadiums, 189 sports halls, 3 swimming pools, 85 flat sports facilities and 7 rowing bases. The President drew attention to the necessity to further expand the network of sports facilities, especially within walking distance, so that residents of every settlement of the republic have the opportunity to participate in mass sports. According to the President, the mass attraction of citizens to physical culture will help bring Pridnestrovian sports to a new level and create a solid foundation for development of great achievements. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to consider the possibility of organizing sports sections with reference to local sports and recreation centers.

Work on the reconstruction, repair and re-equipment of sports institutions of the republic continues. After a major overhaul of the rowing base infrastructure, the Bendery Rowing Center was commissioned in 2020. Plans for 2021 include the reconstruction and equipping of a similar base in Rybnitsa. Repair work to restore existing and create new sports zones is underway - from small sports and playgrounds to multidisciplinary sports complexes in all regions of the republic.

Vyacheslav Sokolenko, speaking about the achievements of athletes in the past year, noted that most of the competitions of both republican and international importance in 2020 were canceled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, Pridnestrovian sportsmen won 52 medals at international official competitions in the reporting period in 2020: 24 gold medals, 12 silver and 16 bronze. 37 sportsmen were awarded the title “Master of Sports of the PMR” and one - “Master of Sports of the PMR of international class”. Vadim Krasnoselsky highly appreciated the achievements of the sportsmen and drew attention to the need for a gradual return to the pre-pandemic training regime.

Increased attention was paid to the creation of sports infrastructure for people with special needs in 2020. Sports and rehabilitation centers are being opened in different cities of the republic, equipped with the needs of people with disabilities. Work in this direction continues.

Another important issue that was discussed during the reporting meeting is the staff of the republic's physical culture and sports institutions. According to the announced information, the total number of employees of municipal sports institutions is 1290 people, 534 of which are coaches (there were 569 in 2019). According to Vyacheslav Sokolenko, one of the priority tasks of the State Service is retraining and advanced training of sports workers, training in new specialties that are in demand in the modern world. Professional retraining courses for additional trainer-teacher qualifications have been organized on the basis of the Pridnestrovian State University on the initiative of the State Service since 2019. The first group - 20 people from among the existing trainers-teachers - in January 2020 confirmed their qualifications, a high level of professional knowledge and practical experience. Vadim Krasnoselsky was interested in the teaching load of trainer-teachers.

Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about the necessity to popularize a healthy lifestyle through the possibilities of the information sphere and about the creation of a state system of sports education of the population. The President aimed at the resumption of the sports projects "The President's Family for a Healthy Lifestyle" and "Leather Ball" in 2021. Vadim Krasnoselsky called on the heads of cities and regions to actively participate in the organization and conduct of relevant events.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the President recognized the work of the State Service for Sports of the PMR in 2020 as satisfactory.