The President took part in plenary meeting of the PMR Public Chamber

The meeting of the Public Chamber of new convocation was held in the plenary hall of the PMR Supreme Council. The term of office of the previous composition, according to the legislation, lasted three years and has officially expired. The updated composition, approved by the President's decree, included ten public figures who have special services to the country, whose candidacies are proposed by the President, 15 representatives of the republic's administrative-territorial units (including the chairmen of public councils under the state administrations of cities and districts) and 9 delegates of the consolidated public movement, whose leader is the PMR President.

Today's meeting is of an organizational nature: chairman is elected, presidium and commissions are formed. The President, as well as representatives of the leadership of the Presidential Administration and the PMR Government, took part in the event. Vladimir Rylyakov is a moderator. According to him, members of the Public Chamber are not fully satisfied with the effectiveness of the work of the previous leadership. The colleagues proposed the candidacy of Vladimir Ladunkin for the post of chairman in the new convocation. The initiative was unanimously supported. The elected leader, addressing the participants in the meeting, noted that the confidence placed in him is an honor for him and assured that he would do everything in his power to justify it. Vladimir Ladunkin said that he came to the Pridnestrovian land half a century ago at the invitation of Valentina Solovieva, and this region became his second homeland. He remembered about my work in the first convocation, when the legal basis was not formed. He spoke about the upcoming activities in the new conditions.

Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated the new leader, focusing on the activity and productivity of the upcoming work. Speaking about the previous Chairman, the President noted his services to society and the country, noting that Vitaly Glebov always tried to make the life of Pridnestrovians better.

The President in his speech highlighted two conceptual functions of the Public Chamber - connecting and controlling, recalling that it is an important instrument of people's control, designed to ensure interaction of citizens and various kinds of public associations with state authorities and local self-government. The President spoke about importance of the Public Chamber, its powers, goals and objectives, the authority of the citizens who became members of this body, and the responsibility arising from the trust placed in them.

The current situation in the republic was discussed. The President spoke about the fight against the pandemic: he announced the current data, talked about the measures taken by the state to counter the spread of the virus, about those who provide all possible assistance in this fight. It was noted that basically the republic copes on its own: outside help is scanty, although it is extremely important and valuable for the Pridnestrovians. Speaking about government spending on anti-coronavirus activities, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that all expenses are controlled by the PMR Accounts Chamber, and noted that he considers it right to include members of the Public Chamber in this work.