The President took part in plenary meeting that opened the work of the PMR Supreme Council of the VII convocation

The Supreme Council of the VII convocation began its work, the composition of which was determined on November 29 during the Single voting day. The first meeting was opened by the PMR President. Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated on the 30th anniversary of the PMR Supreme Council those gathered in the plenary session hall, recalling that three decades ago it was the deputies of all levels who made the decision to create the Pridnestrovian state, and then parliamentarians formed and continue to improve the legislative framework of the country. Addressing the elected deputies, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that there is also a huge responsibility of the deputy corps to its voters behind the significance of parliamentary activity. The President called on legislators to do everything possible to justify the trust of citizens, recalling that Deputies are the conductors of the people's opinion. The President said that in the context of reduction in the number of deputies and the preservation of the scope of functions and duties of parliamentarians, the load on each of them will increase. The President directed the deputies to constructivism and unity in order to achieve a common goal - the well-being of the citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Prior to the election of the leadership of the legislature, the President entrusted the conduct of the event to the senior and one of the most experienced Pridnestrovian parliamentarians - deputy of the Supreme Council of the PMR of the III-VII convocations Oleg Bayev following the Constitution of the PMR. The speaker on the results of the expression of the will of the PMR citizens was the Deputy Chairman of the PMR CEC Viktor Taranov.

Today's plenary session is of an organizational nature: the results of the elections are summed up, the procedure for recognizing the powers of the elected deputies is being carried out, the structure of the parliament and the Supreme Council’s Office is being formed, the numerical and personal composition of its structural units - commissions and committees is determined, a speaker, deputy chairmen of the PMR Supreme Council and a Special Representative are elected Supreme Council of the PMR for inter-parliamentary relations.