The PMR President with his wife came to New Year's ball

The New Year's ball under the patronage of the PMR President has become a tradition. Vadim Krasnoselsky with his wife Svetlana were dancing to the sound of a waltz along with almost seven dozen pairs of young people. The young ladies - schoolgirls of the capital and students of the Bendery Medical College. Cavaliers - cadets, and pupils of Suvorov military school.

Addressing the participants and guests of the event, the President spoke about the sincerity of the New Year and Christmas holidays. He urged to leave in the past that which did not please, and wished everyone to meet the coming New Year 2020 with close and dear to souls. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the New Year's ball is a revived beautiful tradition that has become the connecting thread of generations. The President urged the children to maintain and develop good traditions.

Leaving the ballroom, the President with his wife wished the young participants of the ball pleasant evening, bright emotions, new acquaintances and a happy New Year.