The PMR President congratulates graduates of the Tiraspol Juridical Institute on joining the ranks of militia officers

Another reinforcement of personnel is at the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs. 36 officers graduated the Tiraspol Juridical Institute named after M.I. Kutuzov. They will begin to discharge their official duties in the ranks of the Pridnestrovian militia exactly in a month. Today, the official ceremony of awarding diplomas of higher professional education to graduates of the Tiraspol Juridical Institute took place. Documents and memorable gifts were presented by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky to the lieutenants of militia who graduated with honors.

Addressing the graduates, the President emphasized that they had chosen a difficult, but very important and demanded profession. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the knowledge acquired at the Tiraspol Juridical Institute, ingenuity integrity, characteristic of the graduates of this university, will become the basis for further development and self-improvement. Speaking about the institute, the President called it the elite training center for the PMR internal affairs, expressing gratitude to the teaching staff of the educational institution subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as to the relatives and friends of the graduates who supported the choice of this profession.

The President mentioned contribution of militia officers, including students of the Institute, to the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The President congratulated the lieutenants, wishing successful service, well-being, health and success on a difficult but interesting life path, which began at the Tiraspol Juridical Institute.